Christmas rolls around only once a year and we understand the importance of picking the perfect tree. But with so many varieties, sizes and shapes on offer – where do you start, and what should you look for? Our tree expert Rachel Patey at Capital Gardens, has put together a handy guide to help navigate both newcomers and seasoned experts through the joy of Christmas tree shopping:

Picking the tree variety…

One for families…

Our Fir varieties (Nordman & Fraser) may be the preferred choice if you have young children around as these needlefast varieties have softer needles and stronger needle-holding abilities – perfect if you want a hoover free holiday!

One for minimalists…

For those who prefer simple decorations, look for a thin tall Fraser Fir tree which look stunning just with strings of fairy lights.

One for a touch of extravagance…

If you’re looking for a beautiful centerpiece, or have a larger space to fill, a cut Nordman Fir cut tree will work best.

One for conscious gardeners…

If you would love a living plant, pot grown trees are the best choice, although they do require frequent watering. After Christmas is over, these can be planted in the garden, avoiding wastage and providing you with a tree that, if properly looked after, can be enjoyed for years to come.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect type of tree, follow these simple steps to make sure that the tree you pick is healthy and will last throughout the holiday season:

  1. Look for a good fragrance and a good dark green colour. These are signs that the tree has retained its moisture content.
  2. Signs that you should avoid a tree: browning needles on the outside branches and trees that are very lightweight and dry.
  3. Shape – it’s up to you what shape you like but trees should be well balanced with ever decreasing length of branches as you go up the tree and the same length of branches at each height round the whole tree.
  4. Test the durability of the needles by gently pulling your hand through a branch. If the tree is healthy, the needles should stay on the branch.
  5. Similarly, gently knock the base of the tree against the ground. You may find that the old brown needles on the inside of the tree fall off don’t worry about these, it is the fresher green needles that should NOT come off. If only a few outside green needles fall off, the tree is fresh.
  6. Branches should be strong enough to hold decorations and baubles.


And that’s it – enjoy your hunt for the perfect tree! If in doubt, feel free to ask any of our in-store tree experts on the perfect tree for you and your loved ones.


For more information go to https://www.capitalgardens.co.uk/christmas/christmas-trees/



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