Replace your Christmas tree with a large houseplant

Capital Gardens – The Home of House Plants – is the place to visit if you need a large houseplant. We specialise in beautiful indoor plants and have the knowledge to help you find the right houseplant for your home. If you haven’t taken down your Christmas tree yet because you can’t face staring at a blank wall, then check out our top 12 large houseplant suggestions. Christmas has come and gone for another year - as has Twelfth Night, the traditional end [...]

The Health Benefits of Gardening

The Health Benefits of Gardening As we wait for the end of our second lockdown and the start of the new tiered system of coronavirus restrictions one can be forgiven for feeling gloomy. We could all do with a bit of cheer right now. For many people this involves bringing forward the festive celebrations, putting up the Christmas tree and dressing it with strings of winking lights. Tempting as this is, I am going to wait a bit longer. Instead I have [...]


Why does an office or workspace without plants feel so dull? Your workplace may have the best ergonomically designed furniture, the fastest computers, and yet it still can feel like it is lacking something vital. If it feels sterile, static and just not right, then it may be because nothing changes. Adding plants to the work environment adds that missing element, this is a great way to give your workspace that vibrant makeover. Plants are living, constantly moving and changing. [...]