Events at Capital Gardens


World Bee Day

On Sunday 20th May, Alexandra Place Garden Centre is hosting an event in association with the North London Beekeepers in honour of World Bee Day.

 Join us and enjoy the experience of seeing an observation hive with live bees, where children and adults alike can play ‘spot the Queen’. Try on a child sized beekeepers suit and have a go at candle making with bees wax.

Image courtesy Bermondsey Street Bees. FB: bermondsey street bees Insta: @bstreetbees Twitter: @bermondseybees

The experts from North London Beekeepers will be on hand to answer questions and give advise about urban beekeeping.

 There will also be beautiful bee-friendly plants on sale at prices that won’t sting, with expert garden centre staff on hand to advise on attracting pollinators into your garden and on bee-friendly gardening methods. 

For those that want to make a day of it – visitors will be buzzing to know there will be a new honey based menu of home-made cakes and salads in the garden centres popular Glasshouse Cafe. 

Capital Gardens is a supporter and proud sponsor of The North London Beekeepers.

Make your own bottle terrarium workshops

Learn something new and something green this spring! Capital Gardens are hosting terrarium workshops, the perfect way to unwind from a busy week and get your hands dirty.

Capital Gardens, the natural place for London’s gardeners, provides expert advice on a wide range of plants and sustainable gardening techniques.

Experts from London Terrariums will teach the workshops. Participants get the chance to learn how a terrarium works, how the beautiful self-contained ecosystems survive, how to create their own and how to care for them.

The workshops will start with a short introduction explaining the history and science that goes into building a terrarium, from the different plants used to why activated charcoal has become so essential. Participants will be provided with the different elements and taught how to build their own.

The ticket price includes all the highest quality materials, supplied by Capital Garden’s and London Terrariums – a glass jar, various fittonia, ivy and a variety of pebbles and moss.

Participants will leave the workshop with their own terrarium, a special bag to carry it in, a care guide, as well as a Capital Gardens privilege card with £5 credit on it.

Alexandra Palace Garden Centre

Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7BB

11am – 12:30pm  Saturday 26th May 2018

Alexandra Palace Garden Centre

Alexandra Palace Way, London, N22 7BB

0208 444 2555

Neal's Nurseries Garden Centre

Neals Nurseries Garden Centre

Heathfield Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 3HR

0208 874 2037

Woods of Berkhamsted Garden Centre

High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 1BJ

01442 385 680