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The Health Benefits of Gardening

The Health Benefits of Gardening As we wait for the end of our second lockdown and the start of the new tiered system of coronavirus restrictions one can be forgiven for feeling gloomy. We could all do with a bit of cheer right now. For many people this involves bringing forward the festive celebrations, putting up the Christmas tree and dressing it with strings of winking lights. Tempting as this is, I am going to wait a bit longer. Instead I have [...]

Take our 30-Minute Winter Colour Planter Challenge

Take our 30-Minute Winter Colour Planter Challenge. Give your garden a winter boost and a splash of colour, use a container to grow plants that will thrive and bloom in all but the harshest of winters, and will continue flowering on into spring if you keep up with the dead-heading (removing the old, faded flowers). Follow the six simple steps below to create your own beautiful display to enhance the front garden, brighten a balcony, or cheer up that neglected [...]


Out of the Ordinary - Bulbs that give you extra (Outdoor bulbs) Different things make different people feel rich, happy or content: designer labels for instance, new Apple products, and ‘on fleek’ eyebrows of course. A wave of content always flows over me as I peruse the new boxes of flowering bulbs when they arrive at Capital Gardens. I like to sit quietly on the shop floor, at the very back of the store, and here with much rustling, put on [...]