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Gardener is watering his plants using watering can

The Benefits of Garden Irrigation, or Why I Can’t Live Without my Gardena!

A new series of articles written by Capital Gardens’ ‘Plant People’, including top tips, secret weapons and general garden advice from our in-house plant and gardening experts. Emma Kisby tells us her secret weapon for keeping the garden looking fabulous all year round. We’ve all seen the dead hanging baskets at the front door or the pub garden. Without careful management, they can all too easily end up looking sad and deflated. So, I’m calling all gardeners from novice to [...]

Outdoor flower pots for small garden, patio or terrace

Urban Gardening Experts on Getting the Most from Small Spaces

Outdoor space is in short supply in the city and it can be hard to imagine how you could indulge your passion for greenery on a balcony the size of a postage stamp. With the right expertise, however, it’s actually surprisingly easy to convert your tiny urban space into a leafy wonderland. From using the space in unexpected ways to giving your plants that little extra care they need to make them thrive, there are plenty of small things [...]

The Beautiful little seedlings in cups close up.

Create a Low Maintenance Garden: Top Advice for City Dwellers

Few things in life match the wonderful feeling of relaxing in a pretty garden at the end of a long day. For many of us, however, having a perfectly tended garden feels like just another thing we can’t fit into our busy lives. This is especially true if you live in the city, where the ‘garden’ is often made up of little more than a small patio or even just a balcony. Despite this, creating a low maintenance garden [...]