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The Ultimate Bulb Planting Guide (and How to Deter Those Pesky Squirrels)

Pre-planting tip Buy bulbs from reputable garden centres (ahem) this October for the best choice and remember to plant October for daffodils and in November for tulips. Design tip Choose two colours, then select several different bulb types and varieties of just these two colours. The limited colour pallet will give your display a sense of calm and unity, but the many varieties of bulb will create interest. Preparation of soil Most hardy bulbs originate from the Mediterranean, where they enjoy warm, [...]


Terrariums are becoming increasingly popular. A fantastically creative way to liven up room, they are perfect for the London gardener, especially if gardening space is limited. The miniature landscapes require little care and gardening know-how whilst providing a world of options to their builder and caregiver! The minute glass jars and globes even create their own eco-system once built, watering themselves through collected condensation. To celebrate the launch of our Terrarium workshops this October we have rounded up a list of [...]

Gardener is watering his plants using watering can

The Benefits of Garden Irrigation, or Why I Can’t Live Without my Gardena!

A new series of articles written by Capital Gardens’ ‘Plant People’, including top tips, secret weapons and general garden advice from our in-house plant and gardening experts. Emma Kisby tells us her secret weapon for keeping the garden looking fabulous all year round. We’ve all seen the dead hanging baskets at the front door or the pub garden. Without careful management, they can all too easily end up looking sad and deflated. So, I’m calling all gardeners from novice to [...]