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The ‘Big Butterfly Count’ finishes on August 12th, so if you’ve not begun counting already then you still have time to join in the WORLD’S BIGGEST butterfly survey. WHY GET COUNTING? Well apart from a bit of fun - and doing something alongside David Attenborough, a big advocate of the count - the health of the butterfly population is a pretty much spot on way of telling the health of the UK’s wildlife at large. Butterflies have an incredibly rapid response [...]


Best Small Trees for Bees Britain's bees are in decline, ahead of our WORLD BEE DAY celebrations across Capital Gardens Centres on Sunday 19th May, we've been gathering together plants and pest busting techniques to bring the bees buzzing back.   We know the struggle of gardening in London with limited space, so we've put together a list of small, spring flowering trees, you could grow in your garden, balcony or even a container on your doorstep; adding trees to your outdoor space can provide [...]

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7 Eco-Friendly Ways to Recycle Materials in the Garden

Many gardeners know their garden has a positive impact on the environment and look for ways to make it even more eco-friendly. Whether you just try to reduce your pesticide use or go fully self-sufficient, there are tonnes of ways you can make your garden a bit more planet friendly. One simple and easy way to do this is to recycle materials by repurposing them in your garden. There are plenty of things, from yoghurt pots to pairs of [...]