5 reasons why gardening is essential for your mental and physical health during the new lockdown:

The five reasons 1) good for your heart and lungs. Digging, weeding, pruning, leaf gathering and other winter jobs done in the fresh air helps strengthen your heart and lungs, and burns the calories. With the gyms closed it is the natural way to get that cardio workout you’ve been missing. 2) stress busting. Working in the garden helps us concentrate on completing short tasks with fixed goals. What better way to escape the news of the pandemic than to think about things [...]

The Health Benefits of Gardening

The Health Benefits of Gardening As we wait for the end of our second lockdown and the start of the new tiered system of coronavirus restrictions one can be forgiven for feeling gloomy. We could all do with a bit of cheer right now. For many people this involves bringing forward the festive celebrations, putting up the Christmas tree and dressing it with strings of winking lights. Tempting as this is, I am going to wait a bit longer. Instead I have [...]

Essential products you may be unaware that we sell:

There are lots of basicl household products available at your local Capital Gardens. Cleaning and disinfecting we have bucket and yard brushes, dustpan sets and Jeyes disinfectant fluid. For heating we stock gas bottles, firelighters, coal and logs. Emergency lighting we offer batteries, candles, candle lighters, candle holders, and electric torches. To keep your hands clean we sell hand sanitizer, and a variety of soaps. We also stock soothing hand creams. We also have reusable face masks. Rat and [...]