Vegetable Seeds You Can Start Sowing Now

Vegetable seeds you can start sowing now Now that the weather has turned mild our attention has turned to thinking about vegetable seeds you can start sowing now. Why bother? Well, because growing your own vegetables from seed is a deeply satisfying activity for all abilities and ages. In addition, most gardeners cite the superior flavour and freshness of garden vegetables over ones shipped from afar. Growing your own is better for the environment, and good for your health and quality of life. Above all, [...]


Dahlias - not just for your granny! Dahlias are back! They add magnificent splashes of colour to your balcony or garden and are also fabulous as cut flowers. So in the last few years they’ve revived as popular summer flowers instead of being thought of as old hat. They bloom from midsummer and can go on until the end of November. Tall and elegant, or small and a bit more retiring, they wow us with their vibrant colours. These range [...]

Fragrant Bulbs

Fragrant bulbs to heal your life Scents can boost your happiness, reduce stress, and help you sleep. They can also increase your self-confidence and improve your mental performance (thus enhancing your professional Zoom prowess). Our sense of smell has a direct pathway to the parts of our brains associated with memory, mood and emotions. It’s all a bit subjective of course, but ‘good’ smells stimulate the release of those feel-good hormones, dopamine and serotonin. The natural smells of plants also [...]

Spring Into Action; Top 10 Tips for February Gardeners

1. Adding mulch Add a layer of mulch to your borders.  Mulching now will keep weeds down and give your plants a much-needed nutrient boost before they start their growing season.  If you don’t have your own compost you can buy bags of farmyard manure from your local Capital Gardens garden centre. 2. Keep off wet soil Keep off wet soils to avoid compaction. Use long boards as walkways, to spread your weight. 3. Bulbs Buy summer flowering bulbs now whilst there is a wide choice, ready to plant in [...]

Calatheas: beautiful and varied foliage plants

Calatheas are beautiful and varied foliage plants suitable for indoor growing. These popular houseplants are famed for their stunning foliage. Calathea varieties can have leaves that are slender or wide, plain or colourful. They are ideal houseplants for growing in low-light situations. Houseplant customers seem to come in two sorts; those that want a bright blooming plant, and those that appreciate the longer lasting pleasures of rich foliage. My experience at Capital Gardens is that fantastic foliage is what people are choosing for their homes. One houseplant [...]

Replace your Christmas tree with a large houseplant

Capital Gardens – The Home of House Plants – is the place to visit if you need a large houseplant. We specialise in beautiful indoor plants and have the knowledge to help you find the right houseplant for your home. If you haven’t taken down your Christmas tree yet because you can’t face staring at a blank wall, then check out our top 12 large houseplant suggestions. Christmas has come and gone for another year - as has Twelfth Night, the traditional end [...]

Keep Calm and Plant Seed Potatoes

"Growing your own vegetables may not be the most glamorous area of gardening, but it is the one that brings us the most satisfaction." Before the events of last year many people had never considered having a veg patch, but such was the popularity of ‘grow your own’ during the first Lockdown that many of our customers now say it is an important part of their family life. What better distraction could there be than potatoes – selecting which types to grow, in [...]

5 reasons why gardening is essential for your mental and physical health during the new lockdown:

The five reasons 1) good for your heart and lungs. Digging, weeding, pruning, leaf gathering and other winter jobs done in the fresh air helps strengthen your heart and lungs, and burns the calories. With the gyms closed it is the natural way to get that cardio workout you’ve been missing. 2) stress busting. Working in the garden helps us concentrate on completing short tasks with fixed goals. What better way to escape the news of the pandemic than to think about things [...]