exercise in the garden

Get Fit and Healthy in the Garden Using These 7 Steps

Finding a health and fitness regime we enjoy and want to continue in the long term can be elusive for so many people. Jogging can be exhausting, spin classes daunting and yoga just sends us to sleep – making it a struggle to get that all important exercise. So, you can imagine how overjoyed we were to discover scientific research shows that gardening can boast many of some of the health and fitness benefits provided by jogging, swimming and [...]

texture of fresh green grass

How to Cultivate a Lush Lawn the Organic Way

When your lawn looks more akin to a patchwork quilt than a picture-perfect bowling green, it can be difficult to stick to your organic commitments. Nothing makes you want to reach for the chemical fertilisers and pesticides more than a patchy, dandelion strewn, or insect-ravaged lawn. Cultivating a lush lawn organically doesn’t have to be difficult though, with just a few changes you can keep your garden looking fabulous without having to worry about its impact on the environment. [...]

london soils

Know Your Garden’s Soil Type – and How to Make the Most of It

Good soil is the cornerstone of any successful gardening project, providing the nutrients and drainage your plants will need to thrive. From the pH balance to the way it retains moisture, there can be plenty of reasons why your soil type is making it difficult for your garden to perform at its best. But if you’re new to gardening and don’t know what soil type you have, never mind how to make it better, what can you do about [...]