General Tips

Spring Into Action; Top 10 Tips for February Gardeners

1. Adding mulch Add a layer of mulch to your borders.  Mulching now will keep weeds down and give your plants a much-needed nutrient boost before they start their growing season.  If you don’t have your own compost you can buy bags of farmyard manure from your local Capital Gardens garden centre. 2. Keep off wet soil Keep off wet soils to avoid compaction. Use long boards as walkways, to spread your weight. 3. Bulbs Buy summer flowering bulbs now whilst there is a wide choice, ready to plant in [...]

Calatheas: beautiful and varied foliage plants

Calatheas are beautiful and varied foliage plants suitable for indoor growing. These popular houseplants are famed for their stunning foliage. Calathea varieties can have leaves that are slender or wide, plain or colourful. They are ideal houseplants for growing in low-light situations. Houseplant customers seem to come in two sorts; those that want a bright blooming plant, and those that appreciate the longer lasting pleasures of rich foliage. My experience at Capital Gardens is that fantastic foliage is what people are choosing for their homes. One houseplant [...]

Keep Calm and Plant Seed Potatoes

"Growing your own vegetables may not be the most glamorous area of gardening, but it is the one that brings us the most satisfaction." Before the events of last year many people had never considered having a veg patch, but such was the popularity of ‘grow your own’ during the first Lockdown that many of our customers now say it is an important part of their family life. What better distraction could there be than potatoes – selecting which types to grow, in [...]