Author - Jessica Peace

vertical gardening

Creative Tips for Planting a Vertical Garden

Whether it’s Marks & Spencer stores with majestic vertical gardens growing up their external walls or the creative ways millennials can make the most of their rented flat’s tiny balcony, there is no doubt that vertical gardens are big news. Mounted picture frames filled with tiny succulents, repurposed shoe racks with edibles planted in the pockets, and terracotta towers cascading with blooms all count as part of this growing trend. With a little bit of creativity, a few plants from [...]

organic and sustainable gardening differences

The Differences Between Organic, Non-Organic and Sustainable Gardening

It’s safe to say that as gardeners, we all care about the environment, but it can be confusing trying to understand which fertilizer or pest control will be both effective and safe for the environment. Do I need to ‘go organic’ to be a sustainable gardener? What’s the best approach for my garden environment? In this post, Jessica Peace, trainee gardener at Dolphin Square and horticulture student, takes a look at glyphosate, and the different pest and disease controls and [...]