It’s a little nerve racking, you’ve sown, dug, planted, grown and now you’re going on that well deserved holiday – how will your plants survive? We go through this every year so let us pass on our own plant survival tips!


First point of call, knock on your neighbour’s door; a little visit from them with a watering can a couple of times a week will do wonders – just make sure you remember them as you’re stocking up at the duty-free! Ooh, and don’t be shy, tell that kind neighbour exactly how to water your plants – too much or too little will lead to awkward welcome home.


If your trip is just for a few days then sitting your plant pots in the sink, trays, buckets and anything else you can get your hands on should do the trick. Fill your container with water and leave your plants to soak for twenty minutes.

Drag your pots into the shade, or at least partial shade for the sun lovers to prevent scorching and reduce moisture loss.

If you’ve checked the weather forecast and there’ll only be a dash of rain whilst you’re away then you can sit your pots in a shallow bowl to retain some water and give your plants an extra drink. For your beds you can dig in some small plant pots around your thirstiest plants so the water collects and drains at their roots.

We are mad for mulch here, if you haven’t chucked a ‘mulch’ on already it’s not too late.  ‘Mulch’ is simply a covering of broken down organic materials such as compost, leaf mould, gravel or bark chipping; you can spread it over your beds and pots now to trap in moisture, add nutrients and keep the ground cooler. If you have a compost heap ready to use then it’s time to get the spade out!


Going away a bit longer and need something a bit more reliable than the fella nextdoor? Here’s a few products we rely on.

If you don’t have the space (like many of us!) to make your own compost and mulch there are plenty of options you can buy, allowing you to choose based on your style and your pocket! For a natural option and look we are big fans of Westland’s stuff; depending on what you fancy you can choose from compost, bark chipping, gravel and their own ‘Gro-Sure Smart Ground Cover’, it’s their own mulch made from 100% natural materials and wood sourced from FSC certified forests. What’s not to like?

Plant butler has become a very good friend indeed, especially to our house plant fanatics. Plant butler’s ‘Waterwick’ technology uses a reservoir which determines when to give your plants a drink. We love Plant butler products for making our lives easy and their forward thinking when it comes to sustainability.

For those lucky ones with a big space to look after we highly recommend getting out the big guns and fitting some irrigation systems. During the dry spells we depend on Gardena irrigation systems and programmable timers for keep our big spaces going.


For our containers we are hooked on Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Gel for pepping up our pots and hanging baskets; the gel releases moisture into the compost when it becomes dry, meaning if we forget to pop out with the watering can (for more than a few days in a row!) we can relax.


Remember drainage! It’s easy to talk about water loss given the summer we’re having but if we do get some more storms and you’ve got no drainage then your prized plants will be in just as much trouble. We’ve been using Stewart pots for their raised drainage holes.


So, just water then deadhead to give your plants a boost and give you some flower on your return home then grab that passport!

Bon Voyage! x

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