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5 Trendy Houseplants and How to Care for Them

What are the hottest houseplants of 2017? Rachel from Alexandra Palace Garden Centre, shares her top picks. The 'pass it on plant' Pilea peperomioides, commonly known as the Chinese Money Plant, has simple lily-pad-like leaves on fine stalks that look perfect in a modern Scandi office or home. A few years ago the Chinese Money Plant was almost impossible to get hold of, and ‘passing along’ the offshoots they produce, was the only way to obtain one – giving it the nickname [...]

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Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

No-dig gardening may feel like a new technique with all the buzz it’s generating at the moment, but this is an organic gardening style that actually aims to work alongside the natural processes of your garden. If you tend to see in the new season by working up a sweat with a spade and thoroughly digging over your garden, then this technique may seem a little daunting. (more…)

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How to Plant a Beautiful Hanging Basket for Spring

With the weather warming up and your spring bulbs peeping through, now is the perfect time to plant a beautiful spring hanging basket, bringing colour and cheer to your garden. Buying the right plants Because there is a risk of frost until April time, you’ll need to choose plants that are hardy enough to stand up to poor weather. At this time of year, the choice of annuals is a little sparse – so you may want to include some perennials [...]