It’s been sat on, rolled on, picnicked and played football on – AND there was that heatwave… time to give your lawns some serious love and attention.

First, Weed.Weed.Weed.

We don’t mind a daisy or two but now the ground has been softened by the august rains it’s the perfect time to get those perennial weeds such as dandelions and plantains out – root and all. Choose your weapon: a daisy grubber, hand trowel or blunt butter knife will do but you will need to go at these weeds armed; you want to yank out all – or at least as much as you can of the ‘tap root’, otherwise those weeds will come back pretty quickly. This will bring you out in a bit of a sweat but think of the satisfaction. Ahhh. And if you’re into your foraging, think of all that dandelion tea you can brew.

Pick Up Your Rakes

‘Scarify’, just means getting rid of the bad stuff: the grass clippings, moss, thatch and smaller weeds that will have built up over the summer and are starting to get in the way of your grass. This is a bit of a workout so roll up your sleeves, don a good pair gloves to avoid blisters and bend those knees! You can make good use of the thatch and moss by throwing it on your compost heap.

Give it Some Air

When thinking of the shiny green stuff we get all caught up in the watering and the cutting but the aeration is just as important – those roots need to breath! This bit is nice and easy, just get your forks out and start prodding that lawn, concentrating on the areas that get the most trodden on.


You’ve done the hard bits now, think of this as the home run. You can take your pick from homegrown compost and farmyard manures to fancy seaweed dressings and fertilisers but adding some feed to your lawns now will set up your lawn for next summer.

Sow Over those Bad Patches

If your lawn has taken a particular battering you don’t need to wait til spring to sow and grow new grass. Right now the ground is still warm and moist and your seed will take in a few days with new green shoots appearing before the cold kicks in. After applying your fertiliser leave at least one week before adding your seed.

A seed and feed in one, Johnsons’ Quick Fix Lawn Seed is ideal for nurturing your lawn, giving it a fresh burst of life and assisting in existing growth at the same time.

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Give that Mower a Rest

It’s all slowing down in the garden and driving your mower over the lawn will only weaken your grass – if you really must then lift that blade setting high.

Job done.


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