Garden Inspiration


  As the poet Keats observes, autumn is the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ that fills ‘all fruit with ripeness to the core’. And while we have been basking in the balmy embrace of an Indian summer, autumn has been silently spreading her colourful cloak across our gardens. Autumn is the time of harvests, and the time for us to talk fruit trees. Maybe you have been eyeing up your neighbour’s plump purple plums? Or glimpsed over a wall from [...]


Let’s not beat around the bush, 2020 will not be going down as one of the best years that we have ever experienced. In fact, we don`t think we will miss it when it has gone. However, one of the highlights of the year has been the pleasure many have gained from spending time in their gardens, on their balconies, down on the allotments, and tending their houseplants. Gardening has undergone a national renaissance, and this has kept us busy at [...]


If your image of potted bulbs is a bowl of splaying hyacinths plonked in the middle Auntie Joan’s sideboard then it is time you took a fresh look at planting bulbs in containers. Growing bulbs in containers has many advantages. These include: 1) You can enjoy the detail and fragrance up close. This is especially true for small forms with delicate flowers.   2)  It’s an easy, economical way to add colour. If space is limited, you can still cram pots full of [...]