Whether you have already picked your pine or you are debating which spruce to seek out …it is almost time to tart up your tree! (if you are unsure of what you are looking for head over to our ‘How to pick your tree’ blogpost for tips and tricks first).


The festive season will soon be upon us and we understand the importance of getting into the Christmas spirit by decorating the house and where better to start than the tree? What theme should you pick? Should it be consistent throughout? Our interior design expert Alex Haines at Capital Gardens, has put together a handy guide to help you spruce up your spruce.



  1. When decorating your tree with baubles and decorations stand back and squint a little bit – when the lights are blurry it is easier to see a) where the gaps are and b) where there are too many lights (it is also the view your slightly squiffy guests will get!)


  1. Hang your baubles in the middle of the tree as well as on the ends of the branches to avoid drooping branches and to draw the eye to the centre of the tree


  1. For potted trees avoid leaning by placing your foot on the pot and wiggling the tree into position- the soil will redistribute and you will have a straight tree


  1. For cut trees on stands make sure you screw the stand into place on the tree to avoid leaning


  1. What looks beautiful in the garden centre might not look so beautiful at home – make sure your theme fits not only with Christmas but with your home! (Pink wallpaper and red baubles do not a merry match make)


  1. Put the principal colour onto the tree first in odd numbers with the plainer and bigger baubles first – this will then be your base colour to pair with other, smaller and more intricate decorations


  1. You don’t need to decorate the back of your tree when it is against a wall, just make sure to stand back and check it all looks covered from different angles of the room


  1. Add garlands, artificial berries and flowers into the tree to fill the gaps and make it look thicker and fuller


  1. Heavy baubles need to be tied on property with plant rings or decoration hooks


  1. Dried fruit, spices and potpourri hanging in little bags off of your tree will bring the scent of Christmas into your home


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