Water-Saving Tips for Lush Green Lawns

water saving tips

Water-Saving Tips for Lush Green Lawns

The rainclouds might only have stopped long enough to recharge and re-double their efforts, but we’re undoubtedly hurtling towards a hosepipe ban and a supposed ‘drought’ in the coming months. Even though it can seem cruel to be deprived of the hosepipe after a long cold winter waiting to get back in the garden, we’ve got to relent and accept any incoming bans.

Fortunately, there are a number of water-saving tricks you can pull off in order to save sufficient water to keep your garden, and all the plants within, sustained and well-watered. So, here are our favourite water-saving tips to ensure your lawns stay lush and green, no matter how hot and barren this summer gets.

Carefully Time the Watering

A little forethought and consideration to the watering process can help every drop of H2O go a little further. Develop an early morning watering routine before the day’s heat reaches its peak, and the water will be given chance to fully soak into the soil before it evaporates.

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And Aim the Water Properly

It can be tempting to just throw water over plants willy-nilly, however some of this water may not be absorbed – meaning it’s just wasted liquid. Water the base of the plants so maximum water is absorbed into the soil where it will be turned into nutrients for the plant life.

Dig in Compost

Another great tip for making sure any water added to the soil is maximised, it is possible to improve your soil by digging in some compost or manure. Digging in these mixtures with a garden folk can increase the health of the soil, and help it retain moisture for longer.

Collect Rainwater

This is probably something that you’ve thought about doing before, but have never taken the plunge. But as summers are getting hotter every year, now is the time to commit and install a couple of water butts in the garden to catch rainwater throughout the wetter months. This can then be used for worry-free watering in the garden with no risk of the council knocking on your door and turning off your outdoor tap.

water saving tips

And Use Water Multiple Times

If you’ve been boiling some veg for lunch, don’t just drain it down the sink – save the water and use this to water Your plants (after letting it chill first). Wherever possible, repurpose water throughout the year to control your overall consumption of H20.

Control Moisture

Plants are greedy little so-and-sos and will drink up water as soon as it hits the soil. However, you can put your hanging basket plants on a carefully-planned diet with the Miracle Gro Moisture Control Gel – which stores and releases water only when plants need it. This not only optimises water consumption, but also safeguards against the risk of over-watering.

Get Rid of Weeds

water saving tips

If you needed any more excuses to get rid of weeds in the garden, here’s another good one – they drink up much of the water in the garden. Removing the competition for water in your garden means that only your favourite plants receive the nutrients from the soil.

For more tips about caring for your garden this summer and throughout the year, as well as three garden centres full of great gardening accessories, keep coming back to the Capital Gardens website.

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