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texture of fresh green grass

How to Cultivate a Lush Lawn the Organic Way

When your lawn looks more akin to a patchwork quilt than a picture-perfect bowling green, it can be difficult to stick to your organic commitments. Nothing makes you want to reach for the chemical fertilisers and pesticides more than a patchy, dandelion strewn, or insect-ravaged lawn. Cultivating a lush lawn organically doesn’t have to be difficult though, with just a few changes you can keep your garden looking fabulous without having to worry about its impact on the environment. [...]

Winter Lawncare: How to Keep Your Grass in Top Condition

Although Winter can be a quiet time in the garden, there are a number of steps you can take to protect your lawn through these cold, wet months. Our guide explains how to look after your lawn and keep it in the best possible shape between December and February. We also cover some common lawn problems that gardeners can experience during this time of year. (more…)

water saving tips

Water-Saving Tips for Lush Green Lawns

The rainclouds might only have stopped long enough to recharge and re-double their efforts, but we’re undoubtedly hurtling towards a hosepipe ban and a supposed ‘drought’ in the coming months. Even though it can seem cruel to be deprived of the hosepipe after a long cold winter waiting to get back in the garden, we’ve got to relent and accept any incoming bans. (more…)