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The ‘Big Butterfly Count’ finishes on August 12th, so if you’ve not begun counting already then you still have time to join in the WORLD’S BIGGEST butterfly survey. WHY GET COUNTING? Well apart from a bit of fun - and doing something alongside David Attenborough, a big advocate of the count - the health of the butterfly population is a pretty much spot on way of telling the health of the UK’s wildlife at large. Butterflies have an incredibly rapid response [...]

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7 Fun Allotment Projects to Do with Kids This Summer

Balancing an allotment with busy family life can be a challenge at the best of times, but as the summer holidays approach it can be even harder to carve out the time needed to keep on top of all that weeding and planting. Don’t despair though, you can kill two birds with one stone (not literally, obviously) by putting your tireless tykes to work in the garden. Not only will it get them plenty of fresh air, but they’re bound [...]

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Water-Saving Tips for Lush Green Lawns

The rainclouds might only have stopped long enough to recharge and re-double their efforts, but we’re undoubtedly hurtling towards a hosepipe ban and a supposed ‘drought’ in the coming months. Even though it can seem cruel to be deprived of the hosepipe after a long cold winter waiting to get back in the garden, we’ve got to relent and accept any incoming bans. (more…)