Here are Seven Vegetables That Are Perfect for Beginner Gardeners to Grow


Here are Seven Vegetables That Are Perfect for Beginner Gardeners to Grow

Are you thinking about starting your own vegetable patch or trying to grow a few veggies on a balcony or patio with no previous experience? This guide can help you determine the seven easiest vegetables for beginners to grow, so you don’t bite off more than you can chew.


One of the most diverse and versatile vegetables in our diet, potatoes can be prepared in a huge variety of ways to complement almost endless dishes. This makes growing and cultivating your own potatoes incredibly useful and potentially – very cost effective. At Capital Gardens, we have made the easy job of growing potatoes even easier with the Botanico Spud Bags. Simply cover 3 to 5 potato seeds in compost and water as per the guide and after about 10-12 weeks, remove the Velcro panel and your ready-to-eat potatoes will appear!



Another simple-to-grow and versatile vegetable – you can plant peas directly into the soil between March and June and the veg should bloom in July and August. Plus the more peas you pick, the more they will grow! The stalk of the pea will require support – but this guide makes it incredible simple to erect supportive stakes.

Salad Leaves

If you’re trying to encourage a newcomer to gardening and are worried their attention may wane without quick results – lettuce may be the perfect entry vegetable. Many types of salad leaves will be ready to pick and add to your lunch sandwiches and barbecue side dishes within three weeks. Furthermore, salad leaves largely look after themselves and will continue to grow again and again after they are picked.

Onions and Garlic

Two of the most popular additions to home cooking; onions and garlic are ever-useful kitchen-staples. What’s more, they’re both maintenance-free growers – simply planted into well-drained soil in the spring or autumn and then left to their own devices. Simply wait for the foliage emerging above the soil to start to yellow and then the vegetables are ready – dig them up and leave them to dry in the sun before adding to pastas, roast dinners, soups and almost every other savoury dish.

At Capital Gardens, we stock a huge range of onion and garlic bulbs – giving you greater choice and freedom.



Another easy root veg to grow, beetroots may not be quite as popular as potatoes but can still be enjoyed in a range of salads and dishes. The simple-to-grow vegetables should be sown into moist soil from March until July – keeping the individual seeds about 5cm apart. The vegetables can be harvested from late spring to early autumn.

Broad Beans

Although many people sow broad beans in pots indoors and then move them outside, the tough little guys can grow when planted directly into the ground. Bees play a big part in the reproduction of broad beans – helping to spread the pollen from the pretty flowers – before the beans will be ready to harvest from June onwards. Broad beans are still a hugely underrated vegetable which can be used in a wide range of different dishes.


So mint is not technically a vegetable – but the leaves make for great accompaniments and flavourings for a large selection of different dishes. Mint is a hardy little plant which can grow in almost any type of moist soil. However, it is advisable to restrict your mint growth to pots so it doesn’t end up spreading throughout your garden and taking over all the vegetable beds.

For more help with growing vegetables in the garden or to discover some of our team’s fresh ideas – visit our online store, here, or call our dedicated team now on 0208 874 2037.

Image credits: Jim Kravitz, Jim Linwood, Sarah and Jason

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