Essential products you may be unaware that we sell:

Essential products you may be unaware that we sell:

There are lots of basicl household products available at your local Capital Gardens.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting we have bucket and yard brushes, dustpan sets and Jeyes disinfectant fluid.
  • For heating we stock gas bottles, firelighters, coal and logs.
  • Emergency lighting we offer batteries, candles, candle lighters, candle holders, and electric torches.
  • To keep your hands clean we sell hand sanitizer, and a variety of soaps. We also stock soothing hand creams. We also have reusable face masks.
  • Rat and mice traps plus poisons, and mothballs to deal with those unwanted winter infestations.
  • We stock sharpeners for tools and axes. Household scissors, refuse sacks, string, hooks, and many other useful items.

So come in and view our full range of essential household and garden products.

We are essential!

By Ali Barwani

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