21 Things You Can Do to Look After Garden Birds in Winter [Infographic]

ways to look after garden birds in winter

21 Things You Can Do to Look After Garden Birds in Winter [Infographic]

As we reduce our hours in the garden with the drop in temperatures, we can happily retreat to heated homes, thick blankets and cosy pairs of socks and slippers. The birds who visit your garden sadly don’t have such a luxury, and are forced to brave the harsh elements throughout the winter, with spring a long time away.

With freezing temperatures, rain, sleet, snow and more to contend with, the winter months can be incredibly difficult and dangerous for the UK’s bird population. Those who stick around face a tough few months, so a little charitable intervention from the kind and the considerate can make life a lot easier and more pleasant for the birds.

There is a selection of ways you can care for the birds in your garden during the winter months, from providing food to offering shelter. If you want to look after your garden’s winged visitors this winter, but don’t know where to start, we have created this simple 21-step guide to ensure your birds are happy, fed, content and sheltered until the weather picks up again in a few months.

This is our guide to the 21 things you can do to look after birds this winter.

21 Things You Can Do to Look After Garden Birds in Winter

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