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Yummy Choc Chip Beetroot Muffins!

CHOCOLATE CHIP BEETROOT MUFFINS (VEGAN) At Capital Gardens, we think there’s nothing more rewarding than being able to make the most of lovingly home-grown veg and this chocolate chip beetroot muffin recipe is perfect for the chilly autumn weather. We promise you won’t be able to taste the beetroot! The pureed veg simply adds sweetness and colour to the muffins. Think healthy red velvet cupcakes! – perfect for a post gardening cup of tea or post party pudding. Vegan and gluten [...]

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21 Things You Can Do to Look After Garden Birds in Winter [Infographic]

As we reduce our hours in the garden with the drop in temperatures, we can happily retreat to heated homes, thick blankets and cosy pairs of socks and slippers. The birds who visit your garden sadly don’t have such a luxury, and are forced to brave the harsh elements throughout the winter, with spring a long time away. With freezing temperatures, rain, sleet, snow and more to contend with, the winter months can be incredibly difficult and dangerous for the [...]

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Which Plants Can Be Grown Indoors During Winter?

We all know how disheartening it can be during the winter months to restrict the horticultural pursuits to just a few hours a week, when the weather permits and you can force yourself out into the cold climes. Our green fingers become itchy fingers as we long for the feel of a trowel or hoe in hand, and we gaze outside at the snow covering our favourite gardening playground. (more…)