Seven Evergreen Shrubs Which Will Bring Colour to Your Garden this Winter

evergreen shrubs colour garden winter

Seven Evergreen Shrubs Which Will Bring Colour to Your Garden this Winter

The winter garden can often provide the most beautiful of spectacles; a clean, crisp sheet of snow with delicate icicles drooping like stalactites from overhanging branches, and tiny red-breasted robins setting about their wintry business. Sadly, such backdrops are rare, and often reserved for cartoon Christmas cards. For most of us, our garden in winter is all-too-often a grey, unwelcoming, sludgy mess. With sporadic snowfall and sleet turning to mush, and bare trees hanging with haunting gloom, the wintry garden rarely makes a welcome sight.

Colourful Evergreen Shrubs for Your Winter Garden

So, whilst we can’t control the weather and reduce the annual onset of dreary sleet and rain, there are a few hardy plants which can help restore a bit of colour and beauty to the garden. Evergreen shrubs, in particular, are well-suited to the task of cheering up your garden in winter, adding large swathes of colour to the otherwise stark backdrop. So, with a couple of months before winter’s grip tightens, we’ve compiled a list of wonderful plants to add a little colour to your garden.

Here are seven beautiful evergreen shrubs that will bring much-needed life and colour to your garden during those dreary winter months.


holly shrub

No shrubs provide a more quintessential British winter appeal than a row of holly bushes. With their iconic bright red berries and spiky leaves, these hardy bushes thrive during the winter and offer rich tones to offset the otherwise miserable panoramas. There are few sights which can get you more excited for the upcoming holiday period than a holly bush covered in delicate drops of ice and dew.

Plus, the spring flowers of the shrub are well-loved by bees, which can help your garden bloom with minimal effort when the clocks are set forward again in the spring.


lavender shrub

Although the beautiful purple flowers of Lavender only really show their faces during the warmer months of the year, it is an incredibly hardy and resilient shrub. The green/silver foliage can add wonderfully colourful ground coverage during those winter months. Remnants of the beautiful lavender scent remain, however, providing one of the great joys of growing lavender in and around the home.

And like holly above, the flowers of lavender are attractive to bees and butterflies, helping your garden bloom beautifully.


daphne shrub winter

Unlike a number of other shrubs on this list, the flowers of the daphne shrub tend to blossom during the months of winter and early spring, adding a delightful touch of colour when your garden is at its dreariest. The delicate little flowers blossom in soft white and pink hues, and give off a beautifully fragrant scent – making the winter garden far more welcoming.

Daphne shrubs are quite slow growing, so they’ll be around for many winters, adding a little colour and warmth when it’s needed most.


box shrub

The compact structure of the box shrub has made it a favourite with topiary enthusiasts who use this quality to create detailed sculptures from the plant. This structure also creates incredibly vibrant tones with the greens of the leaves creating a rich blanket of colour. The hardy shrub retains this colour throughout the winter, and can be manipulated into a range of shapes and sizes – lending it perfectly to the role of natural garden border.

Additionally, if you receive plenty of snowfall in the back garden, the compact build of the box shrub means the white powder will simply sit on top – creating a beautiful spectacle to enjoy.


aucuba shrub

Are you looking for a shrub capable of surviving even the harshest of conditions? The aucuba could be right up your street. These shrubs are valued for their tolerance of high levels of shade, dry soil, pollution and just about any adverse conditions you can throw at them. With large, hand-shaped, green leaves, aucuba shrubs can add a slight tropical appearance to your garden during the cold winter months.

The aucuba could even add a bit of colourful life to that dark, difficult corner of the garden where nothing grows.


mahonia shrub

Flowering in late winter, the mahonia shrub can help bring beautiful shades of yellow to the garden during the coldest months of the year. The delicate little flowers hang like miniature bells from the long spiny leaves, creating a delicate blanket effect. The scent of the flowers is particularly pleasant, perfect for a brisk stroll around your winter garden.

Mahonia is another shrub that will delight hungry bees visiting your garden as the first traces of spring emerge.


euonymus shrub autumn

Perfect evergreen ground coverers, euonymus plants are extremely tough and hardy, surviving with minimal daylight. Even north facing gardens and walls can be covered with prospering euonymus plants, adding colour to the dreariest of gardens. Euonymus come in a range of colours as well, from green to gold, so you’ve got freedom of choice when it comes to creating a vibrant palette in your garden during the winter months.

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