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The Beginner’s Guide to Urban Beekeeping

From a hay fever cure, to an antiseptic, to a delicious way to top your morning porridge, honey has a variety of amazing uses and no one reaps these benefits quite like a beekeeper. With a growing focus on organic, local foods and a rapidly declining bee population, it’s no wonder that more people are becoming interested in the rewarding hobby of keeping bees. If you live a busy life in the city, however, you might assume that beekeeping is [...]

how to save the bees

How Can We Help to Save the Bees?

The fate of the human race and bees are closely related, with the insects playing a pivotal role in our survival. However, the global bee population is decreasing dramatically, which could seriously impact the human race, our crops and overall welfare. There are simple ways that every gardener can help to save the bees – here are six great tips to get started: Nurture Bee-Friendly Plants We have previously published a guide to finding and planting bee-friendly plants which will [...]

Eight Ways to Give Bees a Helping Hand in Your Urban Garden

With 30% of our diet directly resulting from bee pollination of fruit and vegetable plants – these flying insects are amongst the most welcome visitors to our gardens. However it can be difficult to lure bees to an inner-city or urban garden and the entomophilous plants within due to the often-unwelcoming surroundings. Here, we offer seven tips to help you give bees a little helping hand in your garden and encourage them to keep coming back to visit and [...]