It’s getting to that time of year where we can finally enjoy the long summer evenings, friends and family get together’s’ and of course the traditional outdoor barbecuing!

Alfresco cooking and dining has become a quintessential British summer past time and it is showing no signs of changing. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love sitting in the garden, barbecue on the go, drink in hand and enjoying everything the warm weather has to offer. Now, that’s not saying that you can only barbecue in the summer, most certainly not! With innovations in cooking methods, new barbecue models and an ever expanding range of accessories; it’s perfectly feasible to cook a whole Christmas dinner on your Grill.

It’s all well and good dreaming of these lazy summer days, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. First we need to establish if the barbecue is ready for use…. is yours? Let’s go through a few quick and easy pointers to ensure you are ready to go the minute you buy your burgers.

When it comes to cleaning your barbecue, there are a few routes you can go down:

An age old technique is to ‘burn your barbecue clean’, but don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds! Grease and grime can easily build up if not taken care of immediately after cooking. A quick and easy method to get your grill clean is to heat up your barbecue (this method probably lends itself more to gas models) and close the lid. First allow the inside to warm up to a high temperature. Using a Weber T-brush or Weber Grill brush, brush the surface of the grill. Because the grills are hot and the residue has softened, it makes it much easier to remove. Please remember to always wear gloves when using this method, we suggest the Weber silicon grip heat gloves although we wouldn’t say no to the Everdure silicon Mitt either, We wouldn’t want any burnt fingers! Once the grills have cooled down, you can always take them off the barbecue and give them a final rinse, just to get those pesky remaining bits off. When cleaning grills that are cast iron, try and limit the number of times they come into contact with water as iron can rust. It’s exactly the same for your iron barbecue grills.

You can also clean any grill (be it gas or charcoal) without heating up. It’s pretty much the same method as above but, instead of using heat, you use a purpose made grill and grate cleaner. Weber’s Q and grate cleaner would be the perfect candidate. This time, we want to avoid heat so ensure your grills are cool before going ahead and giving them a good dousing of cleaner. Leave them for around 10 minutes to allow your cleaner to do its job of breaking down all of those nasties that may have accumulated. Once you’re satisfied, get out your trusty grill brush or T-brush and give them a good scrub. A quick rinse is always a good way to finish off the process, but remember the rule about your cast iron grills! This method is especially good as it can be used on any barbecue be it gas, charcoal or portable.

Finally for your more traditional method; a good bucket of water and some old fashioned elbow grease. Of course, the addition of soap or detergent will alleviate some of the hard work, but warm water and a tough scrub should do just as good! Remove individual parts and give them a good clean. It’s unbelievable just how clean they will look after a little work, almost as good as new! When washing by hand, it’s always handy to have a decent sponge at the ready. One that can not only get through those really tough, stubborn stains, but can give a nice, clean finish at the end. Look no further than the Weber sponge! At only £1.99 for a pack of two, these nifty little sponges are perfect for nearly all barbecue cleaning tasks and is a star buy for any grill lovers out there!

If you decide your cooking grills/grates have come to the end of their useful life or have decided to give up the ghost and break after years of use, don’t threat, give us a call. We stock a wide range of replacement parts.

Now you have your grills sparkling and ready for the main event, let’s give the rest of the barbecue a look. I’m sure there’s nothing a good wipe with some warm water and a cloth couldn’t fix, but if you want it to be the shining star of your garden parties, there are a few things you can do to give it that added ‘good as new’ look. With Enamel and Stainless steel cleaners stocked in stores you can make sure your grill looks as fresh on the outside as it is on the inside. Even without a cleaner, a simple wipe over with Webers microfibre cloth will get rid of those unsightly finger prints and nuisance water marks.

So, the barbecue is clean and ready for the first sausage of the summer season. But do you have all the tools and accessories needed to be the ‘Grill master’ you have always wanted to be? We’ll take a look at some of the best accessories and gadgets every self-respecting alfresco chef would be proud to own.





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