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bulbs to sow for spring and summer

7 Kinds of Plants You Should Sow Now for Spring and Summer

With the winter fast approaching, you may be thinking that it’s time to hang up your hoe and ease off the green-fingered pursuits for the next few months, picking the mantle back up when the clocks hop forward next spring. Sadly, that can put you on a bit of a back foot in the new year, with all the work to do in an overgrown garden which has seen minimal activity or growth over the past 15 weeks or [...]

caring for garden pond autumn winter

A Guide to Caring for Your Pond in Autumn and Winter

So often the proud centrepiece of the garden, your pond requires and deserves plenty of TLC to ensure it looks its best all year, and all animal and plant inhabitants have a healthy environment to enjoy. Caring for the pond in spring and summer is pretty easy, with warm, sunny days ensuring that the upkeep requirements are minimal. Care for Your Garden Pond in Autumn and Winter However, things get a little trickier when the clocks go back, the nights start [...]

attract hedgehogs to garden

How to Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden

With their button eyes, snuffly little noses and wobbly walks, hedgehogs are a welcome sight in the garden. And for the keen gardener, even more so! There’s a reason these wonderful little creatures are known as the gardener’s friend, eating a whole host of bugs, slugs and grubs who in turn like to feast on our lovingly cultivated plants. They’re basically cute little caretakers, helping your garden bloom, blossom and look its best. So, how do you get hedgehogs to [...]