10 Delicious Vegetables Which Will Survive the Winter

vegetables that will survive the winter

10 Delicious Vegetables Which Will Survive the Winter

Just because the nights are getting shorter and frost is starting to cover your windscreen in the morning, the fast-approaching winter does not mean that your gardening endeavours need to stop and your veggie patch should be abandoned. The back-garden veg can still bloom and blossom throughout the winter months – packing your plate with home-grown treats. Here, we suggest 10 different veg you can grow over the winter months.


A staple of many a warming stew, onions are well-suited to being planted in the autumn and then left to their own devices to continue growing through the colder months. However, onions take a good few months to fully grow – meaning they won’t be ready to eat until the following summer.



Another good use for the veggie patch in your back garden during the winter months is packing in the garlic bulbs. This versatile ingredient won’t fully flower until summer like the onions but can be used in a wide range of different dishes when they blossom.

Perpetual Spinach

Are you concerned that the winter months will lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of salads and healthy dishes you’ll serve up to the family? Well perpetual spinach will grow throughout the winter and can be dug up at any time – creating the perfect base for a healthy and delicious, slightly peppery, salad.


Although a bit of forward planning is required for asparagus (they can take up to two years before they can be properly harvested), they’re robust enough to make it through the winter months. After 24 months, you’ll be glad that you did have the foresight to plant this delicious veg as you dig into asparagus soups and the like.


Another fantastic, versatile veg for the back garden; peas can be added to a huge selection of winter recipes – including the important role of secondary character in the Christmas feast. A number of pea species are super hardy – surviving winter with aplomb.



If you fancy some delicious carrots in the New Year, then move your crop into the greenhouse. The added protection of the greenhouse ensures that carrots do not succumb to the cold snap and can be enjoyed in the early months of the year.

Pak Choi

Another great greenhouse addition for the winter months; the oriental veggie, pak choi, can be harvested throughout the season. Packed full of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron and folic acid; pak choi is a healthy and delicious addition to soups, stews and salads.

Brussel Sprouts

If you’re one of those super-organised people who starts planning for Christmas, months and months in advance – you can start growing your Christmas dinner 2017 crops now. The oft-maligned Brussel sprout is a Christmas dinner essential, and can survive the full year when planted in late spring for a winter harvest.


The other half of the green veg super-combo for Christmas dinners, Broccoli is another hardy crop capable of surviving the winter. If you get these planted in late summer/early autumn, they will be ready for harvesting in the late winter.



The hip superfood, kale, is also hardy enough to survive the winter months. If you’re looking for the wide range of benefits provided by kale, it can be quickly and easily added to a wide range of different recipes.

If you want to learn more about the jobs to complete in the garden during the winter months, head over to our seasonal guide page here.

For more information about developing a beautiful veggie patch, visit us in one of our three stores to chat with a member of our dedicated team. Each of the stores stock a huge selection of seeds and bulbs for winter growing.

Image credits: Thad Zajdowicz, Rev Stan, Mike Mozart

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