Wondering what to grow next in your garden and need a little inspiration? Or find that you tend to get a packet of seeds or bulbs home only to discover that you’ve got months to wait until they can be planted? Well fear not, we’ve put together this helpful seasonal gardening guide to ensure you’re always doing the right jobs at the right time of year.

Each of the four seasonal guides is split into five different sections:

  • Flower Beds
  • Veggie Patch
  • Fruit Gardens
  • The Lawns
  • Shopping List

So whether you’re looking to cultivate your own delicious fruit and veg, or make the garden look its beautiful best – our seasonal guides have got you covered. And the shopping lists at the end of each guide ensure you’ve got all the seeds and prep required for the coming months.


As the weather improves and the days get longer, you’ll find yourself drawn to the garden more and more. Which is handy, because these months are arguably the busiest and most important of the gardening calendar. Click the link below to check what you should be doing in the garden this spring.

Your Garden in Spring


Even if all you want to do in the garden during the summer is pour a glass of wine, light up the barbecue and invite the family around for a little al fresco dining, there are still important jobs that need doing. Summer is a month with heavy veggie rotation, as courgettes ready themselves for harvest and the Christmas spuds need planting out.

Your Garden in Summer


The traditional harvest period, Autumn is a great time to get out into the garden with the kids, pulling up the fruits of your labour. Plenty of prep is needed as the colder months approach, bringing all those delicate and non-hardy plants indoors to protect them from the harsh conditions.

Your Garden in Autumn


Braving the cold and gardening may be the last thing you want to do at this time of year, but a little winter garden care at the weekend can give you a great head start for next year. Many of your plants will be at their most vulnerable in the winter months, so it’s important you go out and give them a little love and attention.

Your Garden in Winter

If there’s anything our seasonal guides don’t cover, pop into one of Capital Gardens’ five store locations and our friendly team will try to help in any way they can.