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little girl in the kitchen-garden

7 Fun Allotment Projects to Do with Kids This Summer

Balancing an allotment with busy family life can be a challenge at the best of times, but as the summer holidays approach it can be even harder to carve out the time needed to keep on top of all that weeding and planting. Don’t despair though, you can kill two birds with one stone (not literally, obviously) by putting your tireless tykes to work in the garden. Not only will it get them plenty of fresh air, but they’re bound [...]

pet friendly plants

Pet-Friendly Plants for a Family Garden

Us Brits are well-known for our huge love of our pets, other nationalities seem bewildered by the time and money we invest in our dogs, cats and other beloved animals. We go to great lengths to ensure our pets are happy, healthy and content in their lives – from controlling their diets to buying them an array of toys and treats. If your pet loves to explore the back garden, but you are concerned that your plants may be dangerous [...]

7 Plants You Didn’t Know You Could Grow in the UK

The unpredictable, changeable and often unpleasant weather in the UK may guarantee that we always have something to talk about, but it can limit gardeners when it comes to growing exotic and unusual plants. (more…)