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Terrariums are becoming increasingly popular. A fantastically creative way to liven up room, they are perfect for the London gardener, especially if gardening space is limited. The miniature landscapes require little care and gardening know-how whilst providing a world of options to their builder and caregiver! The minute glass jars and globes even create their own eco-system once built, watering themselves through collected condensation. To celebrate the launch of our Terrarium workshops this October we have rounded up a list of [...]

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5 Stunning Public Gardens to Visit with Your Family in London

Our capital city is full of beautiful gardens, from grand parks to small green spaces. The warmer weather awakens the trees and flowers and glorious layers of colour begin to spread across the grounds. It's an enchanting time to be out and about, with plenty of photo opportunities at every turn. We look at some of the London’s most breathtaking gardens and highlight all the best features that you shouldn’t miss. Hampton Court Palace Gardens Hampton Court Palace is a staggering [...]

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10 Inner City Gardening Tricks to Get the Most from Small Plots This Year

The garden is an extension of your living space and the perfect place to relax and unwind after a tiring day. It can also serve as an outdoor ‘pantry’ if you’re a keen cook, giving you fresh herbs and delicious fruit and veg throughout the year. (more…)