The Benefits of Garden Irrigation, or Why I Can’t Live Without my Gardena!

Gardener is watering his plants using watering can

The Benefits of Garden Irrigation, or Why I Can’t Live Without my Gardena!

A new series of articles written by Capital Gardens’ ‘Plant People’, including top tips, secret weapons and general garden advice from our in-house plant and gardening experts. Emma Kisby tells us her secret weapon for keeping the garden looking fabulous all year round.

We’ve all seen the dead hanging baskets at the front door or the pub garden. Without careful management, they can all too easily end up looking sad and deflated. So, I’m calling all gardeners from novice to expert, young or old to say that the Gardena Micro Drip System is an essential for all gardens, small or large. Whether it’s for a week away, or as a permanent fixture, a garden irrigation system could be the secret behind your garden to be proud of.

I struggle to give my garden the attention it requires to maintain a beautiful space and after a long day, I want to have an outdoor area to relax in without the effort.  For many years, my patio garden looked very tired, I was watering all of my pots by hand, either using a watering can or by hose when I thought my plants looked dry (or when I could be bothered!). I lost quite a few plants over the years and when the garden became too tired looking I would replace the old plants with new ones. Let me tell you, this is not the future!  The Gardena Micro Drip System can save you £££’s on new plants; it saves old legs trudging back and forth to the tap, or if you’re like me and you work too many hours in a day it can save time as well.

Two years ago, I installed a Gardena Micro Drip Starter Set and I’ve never looked back. The starter set, which is available from Capital Gardens, promotes at £69.99 and is a great way to start the system before adding whatever other drippers, sprayers, pipes you may need. This set comes with a timer, pipes, connectors and various drippers which you cut and install at any location you require water, it’s easy to put together with Gardena’s patented “Quick and Easy” pipe connection technology, it’s just cutting and inserting the reducing joints where required.

I personally set the timer in mid-spring to water once a day in the morning, I don’t have to worry about anything and my garden is full of fresh, lush looking plants. In fact, I’m now so confident that the plants will look great, I have just built some raised beds, installed some sprayers onto my system and planted some fancy plants which I would have never risked killing before.

Capital Gardens offer a range of accessories, so if you require self-cleaning drippers, tools to adjust the flow of water for bigger pots, or sprayers for borders, you can pretty much do whatever is required to water your garden in the most efficient way.

What next?

We have booklets in store, which you can take away and plan your system to your needs or Gardena has an online planning guide which will give you a shopping list of parts required.

Gardena also have a YouTube channel, where you gain information on setting timers, installing the system and much more!

The Gardena Micro Drip is available from Capital Gardens; come and visit one of our garden centres near Alexandra Palace, Wandsworth Common, or Berkhamsted to stock up for your garden and get some helpful advice from our Plant People. Alternatively, head over to our homepage for more inspiring garden ideas.

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