Valuable Life Skills that Children Can Learn from Gardening

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Valuable Life Skills that Children Can Learn from Gardening

Your little ones are constantly growing, learning and evolving, every single day of their lives.

And children don’t need to be sitting behind a desk or computer screen to learn new skills. Encouraging your kids to get their hands dirty in the garden will also help them develop valuable new life skills. After all, what could be more enjoyable than getting dirty, creating their own flowerbeds, and watching things grow?

Gardening is not only a healthy, fun, and fulfilling activity that you and your children can enjoy together, but it will also help your little ones develop new skills and expand their knowledge about the science of growing.

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From planting, digging, and growing their own food, through to planning, watering plants and tidying; gardening helps teach kids the importance of being organised, whilst reinforcing empowerment and assertiveness.

1. Responsibility

Teaching your children the importance of responsibility will set them in good stead for all aspects of their life.

Gardening is a great way to encourage your little ones to accept responsibility for a certain task or project. Adopting a healthy attitude to responsibility and accountability will also help your children take pride in their accomplishments.

2. Creativity

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Gardening is a great way to stimulate your little ones’ imaginations and encourage them to exercise their creativity. Whether they’re selecting plants, learning to grow things, or planting, the garden is a great environment to explore and discover new and exciting ways to build and grow.

3. Nutrition

In recent years, an increasing number of households have started to grow their own fresh food in their garden. Your outdoor space offers a great environment to teach your kids the importance of nutrition, as well as the benefits that come hand in hand with leading a happy, healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Helping your children understand where fresh food comes from will help them make wise food choices in the future.

4. Health and Fitness

Fun, productive, and exciting; kids love exploring the outdoors. And encouraging your kids to get out into the garden will not only help them to develop core life skills, but will also help improve their sensory and physical development.

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5. Discovery

Your garden is an outdoor classroom where your children can learn about nature, plants, nutrition, and even different weather conditions. These educational benefits will have a positive impact as they grow into young adults.

From observing how the sunshine affects the growth of plants, through to watching the important role insects play in the garden, children will be able to gain an appreciation for nature and the circle of life.

And who knows, one day they might pass the valuable life skills they’ve acquired from you on to their own children!

6. Self Confidence

Gardening is a great way to boost self-esteem, stimulate independent thought, and increase engagement levels.

But that’s not all… one of the main benefits of gardening with your favourite little people is that you’ll be able to spend lots of quality time with them.

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    Thanks for this article. To my surprise, my daughter just loves flowers and gardens. She loves watering our plants and playing with mud. This summer I wanted to indulge myself in some activity with my daughter and what could be better than gardening. I will surely teach her how to grow your own food this time. I hope she would be as excited as I am.

    16/03/2018 at 9:23 am

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