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Fresh cut flowers are a beautiful, classic valentines gift. But their short life expectancy means they soon wilt and fade, so why not consider one of our top picks for a gift that will continue to grow and bloom long into your relationship.   Anthuriums With its heart-shaped leaf like spathe, the Anthurium makes a perfect valentines gift. You can enjoy bold coloured blooms for eight weeks, with the potential for year round re-blooming. Native to the tropical regions of the Americas, from [...]

organic and sustainable gardening differences

The Differences Between Organic, Non-Organic and Sustainable Gardening

It’s safe to say that as gardeners, we all care about the environment, but it can be confusing trying to understand which fertilizer or pest control will be both effective and safe for the environment. Do I need to ‘go organic’ to be a sustainable gardener? What’s the best approach for my garden environment? In this post, Jessica Peace, trainee gardener at Dolphin Square and horticulture student, takes a look at glyphosate, and the different pest and disease controls and [...]

frog pond

How to Make a Frog Habitat That Protects Against Slugs

Frogs, toads, and newts are hugely beneficial garden creatures, which feed on a wide range of insects, spiders, and small invertebrate animals, including many garden pests such as slugs. (more…)