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no dig gardening

Is No-Dig Gardening a Better Way to Grow?

No-dig gardening may feel like a new technique with all the buzz it’s generating at the moment, but this is an organic gardening style that actually aims to work alongside the natural processes of your garden. If you tend to see in the new season by working up a sweat with a spade and thoroughly digging over your garden, then this technique may seem a little daunting. (more…)

london soils

Know Your Garden’s Soil Type – and How to Make the Most of It

Good soil is the cornerstone of any successful gardening project, providing the nutrients and drainage your plants will need to thrive. From the pH balance to the way it retains moisture, there can be plenty of reasons why your soil type is making it difficult for your garden to perform at its best. But if you’re new to gardening and don’t know what soil type you have, never mind how to make it better, what can you do about [...]

organic and sustainable gardening differences

The Differences Between Organic, Non-Organic and Sustainable Gardening

It’s safe to say that as gardeners, we all care about the environment, but it can be confusing trying to understand which fertilizer or pest control will be both effective and safe for the environment. Do I need to ‘go organic’ to be a sustainable gardener? What’s the best approach for my garden environment? In this post, Jessica Peace, trainee gardener at Dolphin Square and horticulture student, takes a look at glyphosate, and the different pest and disease controls and [...]