12 Plant Hygiene Tips for a Healthy, Disease-Free Garden [Infographic]

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12 Plant Hygiene Tips for a Healthy, Disease-Free Garden [Infographic]

Common pests and diseases in your garden are major obstacles when trying to successfully grow lots of happy, healthy plants. Whether you’re trying to grow a garden full of delicious vegetables to feed the family or beautiful flowers to cheer up your outdoor space, keeping your plants free of disease is important.

Sometimes, it can be hard to see where the diseases running rife in your garden even come from, and even harder to work out why they keep spreading. Even the climate you live in can make diseases harder to control – with dry gardens which enjoy cold winters struggling a lot less with disease than those that are warm and moist.

Never fear though, because whilst you can’t control the climate, you can nip diseases in the bud by practising good plant hygiene in your garden to keep it healthy and disease free. Whether you are discarding diseased plant matter, clearing up at the end of the season, or just doing a little light pruning, there are plenty of ways you can make little changes to help prevent the spread of pests and disease.

Different plant families are vulnerable to different disease and these can spread in a variety of ways, whether from leaf to leaf, through the root stock or in the soil. That’s why good plant hygiene in all areas of the garden is so important, just missing one area can lead to big disappointment before you’ve even had the chance to enjoy your delicious veg or pretty blooms.

We’ve put together some of the best hygiene tips for keeping your garden free of disease in this helpful guide. If you want to keep it to hand as a reminder throughout growing season you can pop it on your blog, post it on your Facebook wall, or even print it out and stick it in your shed. Happy gardening!

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If you want more guidance on how to practice good plant hygiene, our Plant People are here to help.  We’ve got plenty of great products and advice to help you get properly equipped to fight disease and practice good plant hygiene in your garden. Just head down to one of our three store locations or give our knowledgeable team a call on 0208 348 5054.

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