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Why Do Garden Plants Turn Yellow?

Growing and nurturing plants from seeds to maturity is so rewarding. But since plants can’t communicate with us when something is wrong, if it starts to look unhealthy, it’s often difficult to work out where we’re going wrong. Yellowing leaves are a signal that your plant is suffering. There are various causes of yellowing leaves, and it isn’t always immediately clear what’s responsible. These are the most common reason your plants could be turning yellow: Water Frustratingly, yellowing leaves could be a sign [...]

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Humane Methods to Rid Your Garden of Pests

If your garden is being attacked by all manner of pests but you don’t want to harm the swarming creepy crawlies and furry visitors, it may feel as though you have reached something of an impasse. A loyalty to all things living could see you sacrifice your beloved garden, or at least your favourite plants. But fear not, for we have put together a list to help you rid your garden of all manner of pests in a humane fashion. Ants There [...]