10 Amazing Balcony Gardens

10 Amazing Balcony Gardens

Even if your home’s outdoor space is just restricted to a few metres squared of balcony or terrace, you can still indulge your passion for gardening and create a stunning small garden. But don’t take our word for it, take a look at these 10 amazing balcony gardens which prove size isn’t everything.

New Orleans – French Quarter

1 - David Ohmer

Simple, uniformed and elegant; these cast iron balconies in the French Quarter of New Orleans benefit from bright, vibrant flowers and matching hanging baskets. The appearance demonstrates that sometimes less can be more in a small space.

Cohasset, Massachusetts

2 - Ish Frost

Maximising all the space available on this balcony in the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts – the owner has hung fixtures from the ceiling, mounted plant pots on the wall and nurtured plants growing over the railings. A tour-de-force of balcony gardening.

Marmaris, Turkey

3 - Юлия Савенкова

The owner of this balcony in Marmaris, Turkey has taken care to ensure it is just as aesthetically-pleasing to those passing by as those dwelling in the apartment. Lining the walls with beautiful flowers of purple and pink – the owner has stuck to the golden rule of using only minimal tones in a small space.

Unkempt Chic

4 - João Trindade

This balcony garden achieves the fine balance between looking natural and wild – with the plant life appearing to be taking over the available space. However, this never compromises the beauty of the balcony which showcases some method and pattern within the randomness of the jungle of plants.

Haifa, Israel

5 - Jesse Davis

Positioned with a stunning view over the city of Haifa and the Mediterranean Sea, it is only fitting that the balcony is treated to beautiful plant life. With a mixture of bright beautiful flowers and green cacti – the balcony plantation is at peace with the warm climate of the area.

Munich, Germany

6 - Björn Láczay

Sticking to just one type of flower, this balcony revels in classical minimalism. Located in the old town of Munich, the balcony with its simplicity is a beautiful addition to the classic architecture and stylish surroundings.

Malcesine, Italy

7 - Son of Groucho

Recognising the clean colours and style of the building, the owner has married this with a beautifully uniformed balcony garden design. Alternating between rich pink and deep cream – the flowers perfectly wrap this small balcony in a haze of soft colours.

Classical Casa

8 - Hernán Piñera

This classical casa design is brought to life by the installation of matching flower pots throughout the build. Although the flowers change from pot-to-pot, they follow a similar colour palette ensuring a consistent and intoxicating aesthetic.

The Snack Bar

9 - Ruth Hartnup

As well as producing a beautiful space to rest and relax – balcony gardens are also ideal for growing herbs, fruit and veg. This small balcony garden is currently growing strawberries, potatoes, chives, parsley, edamame beans, chillies and much more – giving the owner free, fresh flavours whenever they desire

The Roman Jungle

10 - Evelyn Hill

Creating a sense of escaping the home and entering the wilderness – this balcony cultivates a slightly jungle-esque aesthetic. Hanging plants at different lengths removes any sense of uniform and order – creating an impression that the garden belongs to the wild.

If these balconies have inspired you to start your own small balcony garden, the Capital Gardens team can help you find the perfect plats and fittings. Visit our homepage or telephone 0208 874 2037 for more information about unlocking the potential of your balcony.

Images sourced via Flickr Creative Commons. Credit: David Ohmer, Ish Frost, Юлия Савенкова, Joao Trinidade, Jesse Davis, Björn Láczay, Son of Groucho, Hernán Piñera, Evelyn Hill, Ruth Hartnup, Arto Block.

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