Neals Planteria Renovation


Neals Planteria Renovation

Neals Nurseries has long been known as a destination for plant enthusiasts and amateur gardeners alike. After many years of valiant service we have now decided that the planteria could do with a bit of a facelift. Although the rustic beds and quirky layout are a much loved feature in the outdoor space, we felt a few new additions and updates would really enhance its already charming atmosphere.

Our very own landscape team have been working alongside the staff at Neals to bring this idea to life. There has even been a digger on site and the flurry of activity has certainly been a talking point for the customers as they wonder around picking up their spring delights.

With new beds and borders being constructed and new feature trees being planted, we hope the horticultural wonders stocked will be showcased as they deserve to be!

Make sure you keep an eye out for the spectacular new Magnolia Grandiflora that’s been planted in the centre of the planteria. A real statement that marks the beginning of a new era in the Neals outdoor space!

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