Nest Boxes

In order to encourage our feathered friends to visit and reside in the garden a nest box an ideal addition. Remember, not only do birds like to feed, they also like to sleep and have somewhere safe to nest and rear their young. Our beautiful and practical range of nest boxes help to accommodate a diverse range of UK wild birds to not only visit, but stay in your garden. There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you are providing a safe and warm home for your birds to sleep and raise the nest generation.

Why not try the Gardman Multi nest box? This is perfect as it enables you to change the entrances depending on what birds you are trying to attract. This option gives you the best possible chance that at least one species will choose to make your garden their home!

  • Tom Chambers MULTI NESTER BOX

    Tom Chambers MULTI NESTER BOX

    • Can be used as a roosting site during winter
    • Should be positioned in a sheltered position away from prevailing wind, rain and strong sunlight
    • Should be sited at least 1.5m above the ground but not too high for maintenance
    • Treated with environmentally friendly wood preservative for protection against all types of weather
    • Constructed from responsibly managed timber FSC
    • Three Choices of entrance holes to attract a wide variety of garden birds

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Bat box

    Bat box

    This bat box will provide the perfect home for insects, bugs and wildlife that visit your garden every so often. Its also an ideal site for bats during the winter to hibernate and roost during the daytime. There is also a slot underneath the main box which will allow them to enter and exit.

    • Roosting box for bats
    • Single chambers
    • Most suitable for common British bats

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Robin Nest Box FSC

    Robin Nest Box FSC

    The Robin Bird Box FSC Mix 70% is a lovely simple nesting box from Gardman. With its large opening at the front it is perfect for robins but will also be suitable for wrens and pied wagtails. There is space at the bottom to allow for drainage. If you are looking to attract robins in particular, site this box in a position where it is well hidden by thick vegetation. Generally place bird boxes high up and out of reach of potential predators and once they are occupied, leave well alone until the fledglings have left the nest.

    Size: Height – 23cm Width – 12cm Depth – 12cm

  • Multi Nest Box FSC

    Multi Nest Box FSC

    Traditional FSC wooden multi nest box with interchangeable fronts. The fact that it has 3 different entry options means you are allowing for the widest array of species. To chance the front, simply unscrew, replace front and screw back on. Remove the front altogether in order to attract robins as they prefer an open and airy place to nest. When fitted with the 28mm hole option you can attract Tits, Tree sparrows and Pied flycatchers. With the 32mm hole option expect Tits and other large species such as house sparrows. Great box if you are looking to attract different species.

  • Bird Box FSC

    Bird Box FSC

    This FSC wooden box has a 32mm entrance that is suitable for a number of species. In order to attract different species the box will need to be placed in certain locations. To attract Blue and Great tits, place the bird box between 1-5m off of the ground and have a clear path to the entrance. Coal tits prefer their boxes to be low, between 1-2m. Only do this if there are no predators present. If you are looking to attract sparrows, place on trees or buildings at a height. Sparrows prefer peace and quiet, so a place with minimal possibility of disturbance is best.

    Size: Height – 23cm Width -12cm Depth – 12cm