Bird Tables

Bird tables are a must for every garden. Whether you have a few acres or just a few metres, bird tables are an excellent addition. Not only do they attract birds, they can also be a beautiful feature! Birds love nothing more than feeding and frolicking in the garden and one of our stunning tables will make that all the more exciting. Having the height is great because you can watch the birds with joy from your window or afar without them being disturbed. It also means those pesky predators wont be able to reach them so they can feed and play peacefully.

For a real show stopper in the garden why not take a look at our Tom Chambers Dovecotes. These beauties are a work of art and not only supply a home for up to 6 pairs of doves but also create a stunning focal point in the garden. Our top pick is the gorgeous Sage Grassington Dovecote with contrasting perches and genuine slate roof.

From slate topped elegance to rustically simple, we have a bird table to suit all gardens and designs



    Handcrafted bird cuisine table that would make a great addition to your garden. The table is designed with a black coloured roof and light stained wood. The table has a low roof to help contain the seed or fat balls by the birds.

    • Crafted in the UK
    • Made with four feet for stability
    • Midnight black roof

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Tom Chambers LADYBIRD TOWER

    Tom Chambers LADYBIRD TOWER

    Hanging ladybird tower that provides hibernation cavities for the ladybirds. It is specially hand crafted from FSC Swedish redwood and will bring the wildlife to your home.

    • Made for hibernation
    • Decorative design and pattern
    • Bringing wildlife to your home

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Bird Pantry Bird Table

    Bird Pantry Bird Table

    The bird Pantry bird table is a lovely traditional table with some beautiful design features. Made entirely from natural wood, it has a scalloped wooden roof with round timber edging. This is an unusual design element you won’t find on many other bird tables. A solid construction, this table has a heavy duty rustic base for extra durability and stability. The quality is obvious upon close inspection of the detailed wood work.

    These tables can be painted or varnished if the natural wood isnt for you. Please ensure you allow all paint or varnish to dry completely before allowing any birds onto the table. Also ensure you are able to use the paint for this purpose.

    Height: 160cm

  • Baby Ryedale Bird Table

    Baby Ryedale Bird Table

    The little brother of the Ryedale, the baby Ryedale bird table carries all of the same attributes but just on a miniature scale! Its simple design and classic slate roof make it ideal for somebody looking for that minimal, modern look. Coated in a non-toxic stain, the natural wood will fit into any garden setting. beveled edges on the uprights of the house are a lovely touch and just add to an already sleek design. A solid pole and sturdy, heavy duty base mean that this table will be durable enough for your feathered friends. This table is ideal for the smaller London garden because of its smaller than average size.

    Height: 145cm

  • Bedale Bird Table

    Bedale Bird Table

    The classic bird table. With its classic shape and traditional features, this Bedale is perfect for anybody looking for a typical bird table. Handcrafted from Swedish redwood, it is durable and will hold up well in the British climate. The genuine slate roof is a lovely addition and really gives it a high end look and feel. Carved finial and shaped tray finish off the look, with details that show the quality craftmenship that goes into the making of these products. Perfect in any garden setting, it has a sturdy base and chunky square stem supporting the house at the top.

    Height: 175cm

  • Baby Bedale Bird Table

    Baby Bedale Bird Table

    The baby bedale bird table is a beautiful bird table which is handcrafted from Swedish redwood. The genuine slate roof is framed beautifully by the wooden edges. Handcrafted finial really gives this table an elegant and high end feel. Chunky wooden pole and solid based are square, giving a real modern and clean look. The deep rim around the edge of the table will prevent food from falling onto the ground and creating an unwanted mess. Elegant and stylish, this table is perfect for any sized garden and would make a lovely focal point!

    Height: 160cm

  • Garsdale Bird Table

    Garsdale Bird Table

    The slate topped Garsdale bird table is constructed from Swedish redwood and coated in Gardmans new natural looking stain. The slate roof looks very striking and is a fantastic contrast against the wood coated in an Eco friendly preservative. The slate roof adds interest as it ages and becomes a lot darker when wet, meaning it will change from day to day! The rounded edges of the table are also a nice design feature. Rounded edges to the roof are also a bit different and act as an attractive feature.

    This would look fantastic in amongst plants in a border or as a stand alone feature!

    Height: 155cm

  • Bird Den Green Roof

    Bird Den Green Roof

    The bird den bird table offers something a little different in terms of design. Slatted contrast green roof adds interest and contrast to the natural wood pole and base. Because of the green and wooden mix, this bird table will blend into the garden, unless you want to make a real feature of it. Round timber uprights and base give a feeling of chunkiness and are a nice contrast to the square ‘bird house’ that sits atop the pole. Constructed from FSC certified timber, this table will stand up to anything mother nature decides to throw at it.

    Shorter than most tables, the bird den is ideal for even the smallest of gardens!

    Height: 155cm

  • Bird Inn Bird Table

    The Bird Inn Bird Table

    The bird inn bird table is a lovely, decorative addition to any garden. Handcrafted from Swedish redwood, it is extremely durable and will stand up to even the worst weather conditions. Natural wood looks great in the garden, but if you feel the need to ‘jazz’ things up, this table can always be painted or varnished. The chunky pole and wide base give it good stability. The wavy, edged roof gives the otherwise ordinary roof, a lovely designer effect adds something a bit different.  The perfect addition to any garden.

    It is advised not to site a bird table in an area that is not overly exposed to the wind. Birds are less likely to relax and feed if the area is too windy, feed will blow off of the table and there is always a chance of the table toppling.

    Height: 160cm

  • Bird Maison Bird Table

    Bird Maison Bird Table

    The bird maison bird table is one of the most affordable tables in the range we offer. Just because its one of the cheapest doesn’t mean the quality of design have suffered! Its ribbed roof trims add a decorative touch. The handcrafted wooden house is open and light, ideal for viewing the bird whilst they feed. Because of its open top table it may be best to site it in a sheltered location. If its one thing birds hate, its when its too windy for them to feed! Small but perfectly formed, an essential addition to any outdoor space!

    Height: 150cm

  • Langdale Bird Table

    Langdale Bird Table

    The langdale bird table is extremely ornamental and detailed. Scalloped ornate design with heavy duty rims give a traditional and grand effect. the over-sized, ornate finial adds a real impact, sitting above a gorgeous decorative and practical genuine slate roof.  Large table enables you to have a more diverse range of birds visit. A spectacular garden feature, it is made from solid FSC Swedish redwood that can take anything mother natures wants to throw at it. Chunky pole and heavy duty base ensures this table will remain sturdy and should stand up to winds, although its always best to site bird tables out of particularly windy areas.

    Height: 205cm

  • Bird Shack Bird Table

    Bird Shack Bird Table

    This unique bird shack bird table has a fantastic thatched roof that is reminiscent of a beach shack. This unusual and quirky roof is a real talking point and sets this bird table apart from the rest of the range we offer.  Spindle moulded lipping is all around the table and roof, a real design feature and a sign of quality. Sturdy with a heavy duty base means this is a great in the garden for all weathers. Perfect if you want something a bit more funky in the garden or you just want to appreciate the flying visitors!

    Height: 200cm