Bird Feeders 

Providing the perfect setting for back garden dining, the bird feeder range from Capital Gardens includes feeding stations for a wide range of bird species and sizes. Perfect for simply hanging in the back garden, you’ll soon be welcoming more and more bird visitors to your garden, keen to enjoy the fare you provide.

Why not try our range of squirrel proof feeders? These feeders are excellent at deterring squirrels, leaving all of the food for your feathered friends to enjoy. We would suggest the Gardman Squirrel proof peanut feeder and Squirrel proof seed feeder

  • Tom chambers Bird station patio stand

    Tom chambers Bird station patio stand

    This heavy duty patio base that is designed with a scroll pattern. Used to conjunction with your bird station. This base is used to locate and put your feeding station on any hard surfaces such as a patio or deck.

    • Scroll design
    • Can be secured
    • Bird station must be located on a hard surface
    • Very heavy duty base
    • Bird station can easily be moved around the garden

    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Mini mealworm feeder

    Mini mealworm feeder

    Mealworms are a high protein delight for the birds in your outdoor space. This mini mealworm feeder comes ready filled and ready to go, simply hang from your bird station or a tree and thats it! This is a great way to introduce mealworms into your birds diet. Once the feeder is empty it can be refilled, always ensure you clean your feeders thoroughly before refilling to ensure all old food is removed.

    Size: Weight 30G – Height – 18cm

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Mini peanut feeder

    Mini Peanut Feeder

    These fantastic, prefilled peanut feeders from Tom Chambers are a cost effective and simple way of feeding the birds in your garden. The simple mesh design allows for maximum space for feeding. Once emptied it can be refilled simply and easily and used again. Perfect hung in trees, on feeding stations or in a pergola or arbour. Peanuts are a fantastic source of protein and oils and will attract a wide range of birds including Tits and Chaffinches.

    Size: Weight – 145g Height: 17cm

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Flutter Butter Feeder

    Flutter Butter Feeder

    A brilliant focal point in any garden, this versatile feeder is the perfect way to offer Flutter Butter jars. Hang from supplied chain, or attach to a wall/fence using the ingenious hinged bracket that turns the feeder upwards for instant refilling. It also features a removable Perch Ring that lets birds feed head-on or sideways. Tough and practical styling in weather-proof polycarbonate helps protect the jar’s contents from rain, whilst remaining hard wearing and inconspicuous. Ideally use the Flutter Butter feeder to dispense your butter or site the the jar securely on your bird table. To feed woodpeckers or nuthatches smear butter directly onto a tree trunk.

  • Fat Snax Fort Feeder

    Fat Snax fort feeder

    This fat snax fort feeder is just the ticket to keep the birds happy and those pesky squirrels away. Made from durable steel, with a cage design around the feeder, this fort feeder is the perfect way to deter squirrels from stealing the food you put out for the birds. As its bite proof, you wont have the issue of them being able to chew through either! Because of its solid design and out cage, larger birds will also be deterred from trying to feed as well. Fat snax are an excellent feed for birds and this is the best way to serve it to them!

    Height: 19cm

    Capacity: 3 fat snax

  • Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

    Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

    This heavy duty seed feeder is tough and durable. Will accept any form of seed mix and is a stylish stainless steel colour. Always ensure your seed feeder is cleaned thoroughly before refilling. Remove old food and bird excrement to reduce the risk of a bacteria build up.

    • Polished cast aluminium feeder for all types of seed mix, sunflower seed and peanut bites
    • Fully disassembles for easy cleaning
    • With Feedsafe Biocidal coating that kills bacteria on impact
    • Holds 420g of seed mix, 405g of peanut bites or 300g of sunflower seed

    Size: H 23cm

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre

  • Co-Co Fat Feeder

    Co-co Fat Feeder

    This half coconut co-co fat feeder is an easy and hassle free way of feeding suet to your feathered friends in your outdoor space. Filled with a seed mix suet, it will attract birds such as Long-tailed Tits, Great Tits, Starlings and Blue Tits as well as other species. Simply unwrap and hang from a tree or a feeding station, its as easy as that! Once they suet has been eaten from within the coconut you can simply throw it away or pop it onto your compost heap, do make sure all suet is gone before you put it onto the compost heap


  • Whole Co-Co Fat Feeder

    Whole Co-Co Fat Feeder

    High energy suet and seed mix in a ready to use coconut shell. Simply remove the packaging and hang in tree’s or on a bird station. Site well out of the way of potential predators. Will attract Long-tailed Tits, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Starlings and other species. A very simple and easy way to introduce feed into the garden. Hassle free and quick, this would be ideal for somebody that doesn’t have the time to maintain a feeder or table, but still wants to enjoy birds in the garden. Once the coconut is emptied it can be thrown away.

  • Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder Large

    Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder Large

    The flip top fat snax feeder is made from durable steel and plastic and is designed specifically for fat snax. The flip top is great, it allows for easy access to re-fill, clean and even empty if necessary. You can hang these feeders from tree’s, feeding stations or anywhere there is some height. Place these feeders away from potential predators and in a sheltered location. If these feeders are placed in an exposed position, the birds are less likely to feed through fear or predators or difficulty if its a windy position.

    Height: 28cm

    Capacity: 5 fat snax

  • Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder

    Black Steel Fat Snax Feeder

    The black steel fat snax feeder is an all metal feeder designed to hold fat snax or other suet balls. Being all metal, this is particularly durable and will withstand more wear and tear than your average bird feeder. Covered in a Birdsafe Biocidal coating, this bird feeder should remain bacteria free as this coating kills bacteria instantly. We still suggest regular cleaning of bird feeders just to be on the safe side. The quick release top makes it very easy to fill and clean without hassle. Hang from tree branches to encourage as many species as possible.

    Height: 23cm

    Capacity: 3 fat snax

  • Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder

    Flip Top Fat Snax Feeder

    Tough and durable, the flip top fat snax feeder is the ideal feeder to feed suet snacks and fat snax. Constructed from resilient plastic and tough metal, it is extremely hard wearing and will provide a stable outlet for food throughout the year. Its open design allows birds to access from all sides without restrictions. the plastic flip top lid is ideal, as its quick and easy to use when refilling or cleaning. Clean regularly as fat snax can be messy and could potentially be dangerous to wildlife if old excess food is left in the feeder.

    Height: 20cm

    Capacity: 3 Fat Snax

  • Large Heavy Duty Peanut Feeder

    The large heavy duty peanut feeder from Gardman really is a fantastic way to feed your feathered friends in your outdoor space. Its modern looking and extremely functional. Made entirely from polished cast aluminium its stylish and hard wearing. It can be completely disassembled which is perfect for when it comes to cleaning. Standing at around 33cm tall and with a capacity of 490g of peanuts, once full this feeder shouldn’t need filling for a while! It is also coated in a Feedsafe Biocidal coating which is fantastic as it kills bacteria on impact, so you can be rest assured nothing nasty will be in there that could potentially harm the birds. The perches at the base are the perfect seat for he birds to use whilst feeding.

    Height: 33cm

    Capacity: 490g