From yellow to green to bright red varieties. We have some lovely juicy tomatoes!

  • Tomato Ailsa Craig Thompson & Morgan

    Cordon (Indeterminate). Traditional favourite. Tomato Ailsa Craig produces medium sized green back fruit of perfect size and shape early in the season with excellent deep colour and noted for its vigour and the exceptional flavour of its fruit. A tomato suitable for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

  • Tomato Moneymaker Thompson & Morgan

    Cordon (Indeterminate). A well-known and much loved variety for the home gardener, equally good for the greenhouse or outdoor. Tomato Moneymaker produces smooth, medium-size fruit on heavy trusses with a fine agreeable flavour.

  • Tomato Alicante Thompson & Morgan

    Cordon (Indeterminate). Ideal variety for beginners. Tomato Alicante is a superior variety possessing all the things we look for in a tomato. Tomato Alicante produces a heavy crop of greenback free fruit early in the season and the flavour is excellent.

  • Tomato Gardeners Delight Thompson & Morgan

    Cordon (Indeterminate). The true tangy flavour of tomatoes of a century or more ago. If you are of the opinion tomatoes have lost their flavour then Tomato Gardener’s Delight is a must for you. It is a greenhouse or outdoor type, packed with bite-size fruit, ideal for salads and sandwiches and full of vitamins. Highly commended RHS trials.

  • Tomato Tigerella (Mr Stripey) Thompson & Morgan

    Cordon (Indeterminate). The finest of the preferred supermarket size tomatoes we’ve grown. Completely greenback free, crops heavily and over THREE WEEKS earlier than Moneymaker. Tomato Tigerella grows well outdoors or in a greenhouse in all areas, has a rich, tangy flavour uniquely its own – and the eye appeal of those clearly defined red and yellow stripes!

  • Tomato Super Marmande Thompson & Morgan

    Semi-Bush (Semi-Determinate). The favourite large-fruited tomato of Provence. Tomato Super Marmande is distinguished by its irregular cushion shape and touch of pink on the shoulders. Super Marmande is large, juicy, well flavoured fruit and a great improvement over an already excellent variety.

  • Tomato Shirley F1 Hybrid Thompson & Morgan

    Cordon (Indeterminate). A popular early maturing, heavy cropping variety for cold or slightly heated greenhouses with excellent quality fruit. Tomato Shirley is recommended for growbag culture with an open growing habit and resistance to TMV, Cladosporium ABC and Fusarium 1 and 2. Exhibitors’ favourite.

  • Tomato Orkado Thompson & Morgan

    The ‘Orkado’ is a wonderful cordon variety that produces a good harvest of uniform, round and medium sized fruit. The trusses are early to ripen, and will bear an average of 8 round, deep red fruits. Firm and deliciously flavoured, the medium fruits can weigh up to 140g. They are resistant to splitting and are perfect for slicing.

    Sow your seeds on the surface of good quality, well-draining seed sowing mix and cover with a fine sprinkling of compost or vermiculite. Place your trays in a propagator at a temperature of around 15-20C until after germination which will take 7-14 days. When you seedlings are large enough to handle, transplant them into individual 7.5cm pots of compost and grow at a minimum temperature 15C.

    When growing outdoors, wait until there is no risk of frost. Acclimatise to outdoor conditions for 7-10 days before planting out from early June when your plants are 20cm tall. Choose a sheltered location with fill sunlight and well drained, fertile soil, at a distance of 60cm apart. Use a cane to help support your tomato plants when growing.

    Height: 200cm

    Spread: 50cm

  • Tomato Suncherry Premium F1 Hybrid Thompson & Morgan

    Vegetable of the Year 2008

    The sweetest tasting, shiny, red-skinned, cherry tomato available making the perfect complement to our ever popular orange-skinned Sungold. Tomato Suncherry Premium ripens early and produces a huge crop of bite-sized red fruits throughout the summer.

    Suncherry Premium is best for greenhouse, but will grow in a sunny spot outdoors.


  • Tomato Growing Secret (Special Marigold) Thompson & Morgan

    For many decades in certain parts of the old world it has been the practice to grow African or French marigolds of a certain type to repel white fly on tomatoes in greenhouses or outdoors. It has also been found that the tomatoes grow better and bear more fruit with marigolds around them.