Though not exposed to the elements like garden shrubbery, houseplants still require regular maintenance and care to ensure they remain strong, healthy and wholesome. Humidity, heat and over-watering are just some of the factors that can affect houseplants, but thankfully there is a solution.

At Capital Gardens, we supply a comprehensive range of products specifically designed to help green-fingered folk nurture and care for their beloved houseplants. From specialist drip feeders to leaf shine bio wipes – we provide everything you could ever need to ensure your houseplants stay healthy and strong.

For Healthy Houseplants, Choose Capital Gardens

Like most plants, houseplants require more than just water to keep them healthy and nourished. If your indoor plants are wilting, losing leaves or dying off, Capital Gardens can help thanks to our range of specially formulated houseplant feeds and treatments. From regular plants to flowers such as orchids and roses – we provide a selection of products designed to give nutritional support to a broad range of indoor plants.

To ensure your houseplants receive the care and nourishment they need, we only stock houseplant food and treatment from trusted plant care manufacturers, including Bayer and Neudroff. With a range of products available from each manufacturer, we guarantee we’ll have the right tool to suit your requirements.

Care and Treatment for Any Houseplant

Whatever the condition of your houseplants, these specially formulated products are designed to treat, nurture and care for your household greenery. From simple drip feeders that slowly release plant food to revitalising sprays that provide nutrients through the leaves – Capital Gardens provides everything you could need to take care of your houseplants.

For tips and advice on how to take care of houseplants, contact the experienced and knowledgeable Capital Gardens team today on 01442 875 037.

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