Seeds to sow in August and September

  • Lettuce Antartica Thompson & Morgan

    The ‘Antartica’ is a superb iceberg lettuce. With an extended cropping season that will grow well into the autumn. They have dense hearts that are crisp and crunchy, and a flavour that refreshing in late summer salads. With good resistance to tipburn, boiling and mildew this variety definitely stands in good stead within a salad garden.

    Directly sow your seeds outdoors from March until August with well prepared, fertile and moist soil. Choose a location with full sun or semi shade. Sow thinly at a depth of 1cm in drills of 30cm apart. Be sure to rake you soil to a fine tilth before planting. When large enough to handle, thin out your seedlings to 30cm apart and cover with a protective netting or fleece, as this will prevent any attack from birds or insects. Make regular sowings and you will be able to enjoy your crop continuously.

    Height: 20cm

    Spread: 30cm

    Harvest Time: June – October

  • Broad Bean Robin Hood Thompson & Morgan

    The ‘Robin Hood’ is a green seed variety that produces an abundance of crops with short pods containing up to 6 delectable beans. Compact with a neat growing habit, they are perfect for a spot within your patio containers or on your kitchen windowsill. The delicious beans are great for freezing and will not discolour. This winner of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit will attract vital pollinating insects into your garden, and the bees love them!

    Directly sow your seeds under cloches in February, or without protection from March to April. For earlier crops they can be sown outside from early autumn to late winter.

    Grow in full sun with fertile, with manure and protection from strong winds.

    Plant in double rows 23cm apart and at least 60cm between each row. Sow at a depth of 5cm and distance of 23cm apart within each row and be sure to water sufficiently. Germination will take up to 10 days.

    Height: 35cm

    Spread: 25cm

    Harvest Time: June – August