Seed Potatoes & Onions

Seed Potatoes & Onions

Two of the UK’s and the world’s most popular crops – the hugely versatile potato and onion can be used in a wide variety of different dishes and recipes. Both capable of blossoming at a number of different times – a bumper crop of potatoes and onions could help you create delicious meals every month throughout the year.

Both of these hardy plants are simple to grow and well-suited to UK climates – meaning you’ll get maximum reward for your efforts. The two crops also provide an exceptional introduction to gardening for inexperienced or young gardeners looking to become more actively involved in the garden.

Onion Bulbs 

The huge range of onion bulbs from Capital Gardens are perfect for a whole host of different recipes from winter stews to summer salads. From distinctive red onions to crunchy yellow onions – we stock all the dinnertime favourites.

We also stock more specialist onions such as the Paris Silverskins – ideal for adding to a delicious salad or pickling. With no thinning required, it has never been easier to pick your own silverskin onions.

Potato Seeds

At Capital Gardens, we stock seeds for a huge selection of the UK’s favourite species of potatoes – perfect for boiling, roasting, baking and chipping. Whether you have a preferred potato of choice, or wish to try something new. Ever popular in the UK, Capital Gardens stock seeds for the versatile and delicious Maris Pipers.

If you require any additional assistance when selecting the perfect potatoes for your favourite recipes, or the crops which will best suit the soil type of your garden, Capital Gardens’ Plant People are always on hand in all of our garden centres to answer any questions or concerns. Our three centres are full of passionate, dedicated gardeners, willing to share their experience and skills.


    Onion Stuttgarter Giant – 50 per pack

    Very popular golden skinned, white fleshed variety. Produces slightly flatted rounded bulbs, grown for commercial use but now you can grow at home! Onion sets are easy to grow in the garden simply push each set just into the soil in rows and water in which makes them ideal for beginners. Plant them around 20cm apart to ensure they have enough space to swell and aren’t competing for water and nutrients. Be aware of birds and squirrels as they can pull them up and have them as a snack! Once mature lift and remove all soil, then leave on the ground if its warm and dry or dry them off inside.


    Onion Stur BC 20 – 50 per pack

    The onion ‘Stur BC 20’ is a late season harvesting variety with exceptional storage life. They are attractive round bulbs that have good bolting tolerance and highly productive sets.

    Plant in March until April in soil and water them well. Be sure to check that birds have not been disturbing your onions as they grow. Once they have matured dry off inside until the leaves wilt, when they have dried they can either be stored or immediately used for cooking.

    Easy to grow ‘Stur BC 20’ onion is perfect for beginners.


    Onion Snowball – 50 per pack

    Snowball is a white skinned variety with a lovely mild white flesh, this variety also stores well. As its name suggests it’s a nice rounded shape. This onion has been known to be baked whole for a juicy mild alternative to other vegetables as well as being perfect for using as the base of stocks and sauces. Plant within a border or bed that gets full sun, from March until April and your crop will be ready to harvest from July until August. Not the best at storing, but wonderful for eating fresh.



    Onion Red Baron – 50 per pack

    The ‘Red Baron’ onion is a mid to late maturing variety that produces firm and flattened round bulbs, in a wonderful deep red colour. The red rimmed flesh has a strong and distinct flavour makes a delicious addition to salads. Red Baron is a mid-late maturing variety and produces firm, flattish-round bulbs of a beautiful dark red colour. With red rimmed flesh and a strong flavour this variety makes an attractive and tasty addition to salads. An excellent cropping red onion with good storage potential. This variety was awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

    Plant in a position with full sun, they make an excellent addition to a kitchen garden.

    Easy to grow, plant from mid February to March and your ‘Red Baron’ onions will be ready to harvest from August.


    Onion Karmen – 50 per pack

    The red onion ‘Karmen’ is an attractive red skinned, flattened globe onion that has white flesh with a sweet taste with rings of deep crimson throughout. Perfect within a salad or when cooking, this heavy cropping onion also stores well, which enables them to be used for long periods.

    Best planted from March to April in a position that receives full sun. Be sure to prepare your soil a few weeks before planting by adding compost or soil enricher. Give your sets enough room to mature and bulk, spacing in rows of up to 30cm apart with the neck facing upwards leaving the tops poking through the surface. Water regularly.

    These onion sets are easy to grow in the garden, which makes them ideal for beginners.


    Onion Hercules – 50 per pack

    Winner of the RHS Award of Garden  Merit the ‘Hercules’ onion produces high yields of spherical bulbs with golden skins and firm, rich flesh that is well flavoured. They have a good resistance to bolting and can keep for several months. They are a truly marvellous variety that are highly uniformed and sprout tolerant.

    They establish quickly and grows relatively quickly too- maturing 18-20 weeks from planting.

    Plant in spring and they will be ready to harvest in late summer. They are disease and pest tolerant and thrive in ordinary conditions which make them perfect for the beginner gardener.

    Plant around 20cm apart so they have space to establish without competing for nutrients. Once they have matured dry out indoors .


    Onion Centurion – 50 per pack

    The classic onion. It is strong growing and will produce an abundance of heavy yields that are early maturing. An even golden colour and uniform flattened globe shaped bulbs, together with good storing ability makes them a fantastic and easy variety to grow. It’s even won the RHS Award of Garden Merit! Perfect for beds and borders, choose a location within your garden that receives full sun. Plant from February to April and you will be able to harvest your ‘Centurion’ onions in August to September.


    First Early – 2kg

    The ‘Lady Christl’ potato variety is a customer favourite, producing high yields of early, waxy and firm, yellow skinned tubers. They have creamy flesh with a delicious flavour and they remain firm when cooking. ‘Lady Christl’ has been awarded the RHS Award of Garden Merit and there’s no questioning why! They bulk up quickly as a first early, and when left as a second early the tubers will become even larger. ‘Lady Christl’ is easy to grow, with good disease resistance including a resistance to golden eelworm, bruising, splitting and common scab. They are suited to growing in containers or in potato bags, growing to a height of up to 60cm.


    Second Early

    Very attractive good all round variety. Smooth cream skinned long oval tubers with purple eyes and a soft textured cream flesh, ideal for salads. Blight resistant. Suitable for all of your cooking needs.


    Second Early

    The Shetland Black potatoes have a very distinctive deep purple colour and are kidney shaped. The tubers are smaller than most modern potato varieties and their shape can be slightly erratic. When open the tubers flesh is creamy and pale with a ring of purple. The purple colouring may be more pronounced in some tubers than others, and the colour does not survive the cooking process, as the colour inside and the colour of the skin turn a more dull grey. Not only do these potatoes look exceptional, they also have an amazing taste. The buttery flavour and light floury texture is the winning combination- and they taste great when cooked in its skin.

    First introduced as far back as the 1500s they are thought to have been salvaged from a Spanish Armada shipwreck, however the actual origins of this variety remain a mystery.

    They are not as high yielding as other varieties but the taste makes up for this!

    This product is available at the following Garden Centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden Centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden Centre
    • Woods of Berkhamstead Garden Centre

    Produces heavy yields early on and has a good resistance to splitting. Smooth white skinned oval tubers with a white, floury textured flesh. Suitable to boil, roast, chip, mash and bake.


    First Early

    High yielding, early bulking variety. Uniform smooth cream skinned long oval tubers with a firm, waxy light yellow flesh. Ideal for beginners. Suitable to boil, roast and use in salads.