Hyacinths create stunning displays of brightly coloured, scented blooms during spring. Spikes of flowers can vary in colour from white, through yellow to all shades of blue and pink. A firm favourite because of their distinctive scent, which is incredible and will fill your outdoor space with ease. Plant in pots and have them on your patio or outside your windows to encourage the fantastic scent into your home. Perfectly fine to be planted in the ground as well as tubs and pots.

Specially prepared hyacinth bulbs are also available. The bulbs are prepared to flower months earlier than the garden bulbs. Plant shallowly in pots and place in a warm, dark place in order to have the stunning flowers and scent for Christmas!

Both prepared (indoor) and non-prepared (outdoor) hyacinths will be available to buy in stores from August onwards. These can be purchased in pre-packs or loose for certain varieties

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