Crocus are the gems of the spring garden. Their stunning jewel like flowers are known for carpeting the grounds in woodlands and gardens up and down the UK. Varying in colour from pure white, through yellows to soft and subtle purples, there is a variety for everyone. One of the earliest corms to flower, they are always a sure way of telling spring is well and truly here. Planted en masse they create a stunning carpet display that is rivaled by no other.

Plant in autumn for a spring display. Certain varieties will even flower throughout the Winter and even in the Autumn! The rare and expensive spice saffron is harvested from one of these little beauties. It comes from the harvested stamens of Crocus Sativus, an Autumn flowering species.

Different varieties are available in stores from August onwards ready for planting in the garden in Autumn for that dazzling Spring display



    Lucifer is a very popular variety of crocosmia. It has been awarded the award of garden merit by the RHS. Produces an abundance of bright red flowers atop long spears of bright green foliage all throughout the summer months. Flowers will arch slightly and will open in succession, meaning each spike will last a long time. They grow to an eventual height of around 100cm and are perfect for the back of a tropical flower border. Because of their height and straight stems, they make lovely additions to arrangements for a vase indoors.

    They are relatively frost hardy, however they will need winter protection in cold areas.
    Planting Tips:
    • In autumn, resist removing the faded foliage.
    • Cover the crown of the plant with bark chips to protect against any frost damage.
    • Lift, and divide any condense or congested colonies in spring, and plant the divided 8-10cm deep

    This product is available at the following Garden centres:

    • Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    • Neals Nursery Garden centre
    • Woods of Berkhamsted Garden centre
    • Studley Green Garden centre
    • Sherfield On Loddon Garden centre