Statuesque and elegant, allium’s really are the spring garden show stopper! Ranging in height from only 30cm up to a majestic 150cm, they will have a place in any garden. The beautiful umbles of brightly coloured flowers create incredible balls of colour atop strong green stems. Heads can be up to 30cm in diameter depending on the variety. A trusty favourite (and by far our most popular variety) is Allium ‘Purple Sensation’. A stunning purple bloom that dances elegantly above a strong, 90cm tall stem.

Plant alliums in the Autumn for a stunning spring display. Can be planted in beds and borders in between shrubs and herbaceous plants to create a magical impact or smaller versions can be planted in pots where their beauty can be appreciated up close.

Alliums are available in stores from August onwards ready for planting in Autumn for Spring flowering.

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