To give something back to our loyal customers, we have established the Capital Gardens “Privilege Card”. We offer a range of cards for different customers, you can read full details of the card types, eligibility, and their benefits below.

The card is very easy to apply for and is completely free. We only need a few details from you. You can sign up at any of our centres, or you can register via the form on this page and pick up the card upon your next visit to your preferred Capital Gardens Centre. Just let us know which garden centre you’d like to pick up your card from in the form.

When signing up to the privilege scheme you must ensure that you give your full details in order to receive full privilege scheme benefits. If your details have not been provided to Capital Gardens you will not be able to accrue loyalty points or take advantage of any special offers.

The scheme will be operated at our tills through our automatic computer ‘EPOS’ System which will record points gained on virtually all transactions.

There will be five different categories on the loyalty scheme as follows:


    Trade customers will continue to obtain the previous discounts given to them but instead of using their trade cards they will have to register and obtain a Privilege Card. No points will be awarded to trade customers on transactions at the tills but points may be awarded for customers reaching various levels of expenditure within a year, this will be administered through each garden centre office.  From January 1st 2016 trade customers will have to reach certain levels of expenditure in a year in order to maintain their discounts into the following year.  Details of this will be sent out to trade customers via a standard letter sent from each centre. We will endeavour to offer special promotions to help smaller trade customers reach the required levels of expenditure.

    Loyalty Customer

    A ‘standard’ loyalty customer will be awarded points onto their cards immediately after any completed transactions. These can be reclaimed after 24 hours on any future purchases. (Although the system will register points immediately after the completion of a transaction this delay is to allow Capital Garden’s time to make sure points have been correctly allocated and recorded onto the EPOS system). There will also be a condition that a certain number of points need to be secured before any points can be redeemed, this will equate to around £50.00 of purchases depending on what has been purchased. During the year these customers will also gain exclusive access to specific discounts on various selected products.

    So the card will act in essence is a retrospective discount card.

    Near enough to a trade customer but sorry we need to give our fellow professional gardeners a better deal as they are trying to make a living out of gardening.

    Loyalty Customer Over 50

    This will be the same as for the ‘standard’ loyalty customer on all days except Wednesday when the customer will obtain an extra and immediate ten percent discount on all purchases, subject to certain exclusions. In addition bonus points will be awarded on the net value, after the discount is applied, on ‘Wednesday’ purchases subject to any exclusions. So extra help for our more mature customers…

    Loyalty Customer attached to Society or Organisation

    Any customer from a society/organisation who previously claimed a special discount through their society membership will now get this through a Capital Garden Privilege Card. This will be in the same format as the standard loyalty card and the points awarded may not continue to equate to the previous overall discount. Sorry but we need to put all the previous schemes into one overall loyalty scheme. As for standard customers there will be special discounts/promotions exclusive to them, which if taken up should push the discount up to their previous levels. We accept that this change will cause inconvenience to these customers so to assuage any possible annoyance we will award 50 points (worth £5.00) to each person joining this scheme. This will be added to their account at each garden centre office.


    We are pleased to give our valued staff a discount should they wish to make a purchase but in order to qualify a member of staff must complete a registration form and obtain their own Privilege Card. No points will be awarded, it is a straightforward discount card. Family members may use this card but must have the member of staff present when doing this.

    The level of points awarded will vary across the products and changes will occur throughout the year. Some promotions on products will involve the awarding of additional ‘bonus points’.

    Sorry but no points will be awarded on gift voucher purchases and delivery charges.

    When refunds are given to Loyalty customer’s points will be deducted as per the refunded items. This will occur automatically via the tills.

    Information on each loyalty customer on any of the schemes can be displayed individually on the till screens. So you can get an update on the status of your membership at the tills even if you do not have your card.

    We hope our schemes help you with your gardening needs and look forward to you joining one of  them.