• Sinclair New Horizon (Organic) Grow Bag

    Sinclair New Horizon (Organic) Grow Bag Organic and pest free growbag made from recycled resources and added nutrients.

    • Best used on tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, melons, cucumbers, courgettes, salads and strawberries
    • Make sure you feed regularly with liquid tomatoes food
    • Sometimes needs extra watering compared to other grow bags


    This product is available at the following Garden centres:
    Alexandra Palace Garden centre
    Neals Nursery Garden centre
    Woods of Berkhamstead Garden centre


The stores are now displaying a good full ranges of winter bedding plants including cyclamen , violas , pansies and spring bulbs.

Please be aware that not all the winter bedding is fully hardy. The winter cyclamen will take frost but if there is a really cold spell below – 4 C then they can succumb to the frost depending how well they are protected in a garden or window box. Violas and pansies will survive but deep frost will curtail their  flowering.

If you are unsure if your bedding plants require protection please speak to a member of staff in store.

To find a particular plant we recommend that you go to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Plant Finder website:

RHS Plant Finder

This is the best website for information on  plants providing easy to access  information on  their characteristics , cultivation, propagation  and conditions of where they like to grow.

If you wish to visit one of our centres and want to know if we have a particular plant then please call us on 0208 874 2037 and ask for Matt, Dave , Jane or Mark.

We are open for calls from 8.45 to 5.45 Monday to Saturday and from 10.15 to 4.15 on Sundays or e mail us please at

We specialise on plants for London gardens and are always well stocked, especially in the relevant seasonal plants.

For more information on our seasonal plants please go to our Plant News page.