Kids Gardening Guide

Kids Gardening Guide

There is so much to do and to enjoy in the garden. From growing all your favourite plants to looking after the birds and creepy crawlies who have made your garden their home; there’s loads to keep your family entertained throughout the year. At Capital Gardens, we reckon that everyone should get out into their garden and enjoy the great outdoors. So if your green-fingered youngster has a real passion for planting and pottering, read on, because we’ve created the ultimate kids gardening guide. Complete with great games and activities to enjoy in the garden, as well as a few tips to ensure your plants grow to be big, strong and delicious; the guide includes everything your family needs to make the absolute most of your yard.

kids gardening guide

Skill and Tips

Do your kids want to become ace gardeners, growing all sorts of wild and wonderful plants? Well, you’ve come to the right place – the skills and tips section teaches you everything you could possibly need to know about growing top plants.

We’ve split the guides into three sections – Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables – so you can head over to the section which really excites your kids.

Flowers : Fruit : Vegetables

Games and Activities

Getting out in the garden isn’t all work and learning though, there’s a whole host of games and activities to enjoy. Here we’ve put together a few of the games we love to play in the garden with the family, and activities that are interesting and fun.

Garden Games : Backyard Treasure Hunt : Gardening Mega Quiz
Build a Bird Box : Leaf Detection Kit : Make a Bee Hotel : Colouring in Pages

Bugs, Birds and Creepy Crawlies

Is there anything better than searching through the garden for all the fun little creatures who have made it their home? The Great British garden is home to all sorts of unique, fun and weird birds, bugs and more – all just waiting for us to go have a closer look.

Here’s a selection of great extras to help you discover the critters living in your back garden.

Creepy Crawly Checklist : Bird Identification Cheat Sheet

Young Gardeners Club

Do your kids fancy learning a few extra skills, and meeting other like-minded gardening enthusiasts? Capital Gardens’ Young Gardeners Club could be just the ticket – a series of events for skilled and motivated young gardeners.

For more information about the club and the upcoming dates, click the link below.

Young Gardeners Club

Or if you require any tools or equipment for your green-fingered endeavours, head down to one of four Capital Gardens branches and our team will help you find exactly what you need.